Jumia Black Friday: Deals to Expect


In preparation for the Jumia Black Friday 2017 scheduled to hold 12 days from today, here is one of the numerous deals to look forward to.

We unveil the super smart stunning Samsung 40 inch Full HD TV today!

For purchasing the Samsung 40 inch HD TV, you get to enjoy 30% discount off. We told you we have the best prices huh? Experience them for yourself now!

You also get to pay N119,990 for your Samsung 40 inch HD TV instead of N175,000 which is the 30% discount off the former price.

With a resolution two times higher than most standard TVs, you enjoy Full HD pictures in 1080p and wide colour enhancement. This means that you can still enjoy older non HD content with clear and enriched pictures courtesy of Samsung Wide Colour Enhancer plus.

Do you love bass and surround? With the DTS Studio Sound, you can enjoy viewing and stream optimized stereo content to deliver an amazing surround experience, enhanced bass response, clear dialogue and consistent audio levels.

You don’t even have to rewind to grab those dope catch phrases in your favourite series. You just go with the flow and enjoy the audio.

Aside all these stunning effects, your Samsung 40′ inch TV is immune from power surges, and fluctuations. With this 40 inch TV, your TV can never be struck with lightening. No worries, no stress! You don’t have to worry if the light is unstable. It will still work well in low current because it consumes less power for its daily function while delivering optimum performance on the go!

Did you think we would not fulfill our promise for Jumia Black Friday 2017?

You have seen nothing yet. This is just 30% off. Get ready for the 80% price slash.

Come November 13th 2017, Jumia Vigil begins!

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  1. Will the discount apply to smartphones and android phones too?….i would love to get infinix note 4 pro if so…also kudos,your services are well received widely…it was recommended by many of my acquaintances

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