Jumia Black Friday FAQs; All You Need to Know


Its all about Shopping and getting the best deals online tomorrow in Nigeria and Jumia is bringing shoppers the biggest craziest massive sale. If you have been saving up for the holidays or you have been eyeing that specific item that cost so much this is your opportunity for you to save more money on getting that item at up to 90% discount. But first, these are answers to all the questions you might have about Black Friday sales.

Ø What is Black Friday?

Ans: Black Friday in Jumia Nigeria is a busy shopping day when customers are offered the best deals on a variety of products available for sale on our website. This is an annual event that usually happens on the fourth Friday in November.

Ø For how long will the sales be on?

Ans: The sales will be on for just 24hrs starting from the first hour of the day on Friday 27th November 2015.

Ø Why can’t I reach your customer service?

Ans: Black Friday is a very busy sales day when the best deals are offered so that the fastest fingers can grab them. On such a day, our customer service help line will be unavailable to assist customers but you can still send us an email to [email protected] or chat with us live from our website or reach us on social media; facebook, twitter.

Ø I put some items in my basket but I cannot check it out

Ans: This means that possibly you were looking at the last stock we had on the website but another customer had checked out the item before you. If you go back to try again, you would notice that the item would no longer be available on our website.

Ø what is the best way to contact customer service on Black Friday?

Ans: The best way to contact our customer service help desk will be to send an email to [email protected] or to use the live chat tool on our website.

Ø What are the best deals that you will have on Black Friday?

Ans: We will be offering very crazy deals from all categories on our website.

Ø Why do I see “It’s getting crowded around here” on my screen?

Ans: This means that our website is nearing the maximum number of visitors it can take at once and a queue has been formed. Do not worry about this, just check back later and if the crowd has reduced, you will be able to access our website.

Ø Can I use express delivery on Black Friday?

Ans: Express shipping will be available for some selected products and locations during the Black Friday sales.

Ø Can I buy as much item as I want?

Ans: Yes, customers free to purchase as many products as they want. However, some products will be in hot demand therefore some campaigns might have a restriction on the number of item(s) that each customer will be able to purchase.

Ø What percentage discount are we to expect?

Ans: We will be offering discounts as high as 80% during the sales campaign on certain products that will be available on sale.

Ø Can I shop while abroad during the Black Friday sales?

Ans: Customers are allowed to shop on our website while abroad provided that the shipping address indicated for delivery while placing the order is an address in Nigeria. The customer can either choose to prepay using his/her bank card or select cash on delivery and have someone in the Nigerian address receive and pay for the order.

Ø Can I contact your customer service to help me place an order?

Ans: On a big sales campaign like Black Friday, customers are offered very amazing discounts on products and as such we would not be placing orders for customers as these deals are available for the customers with the fastest fingers.

Ø Can I use my voucher on Black Friday?

Ans: Coupons and vouchers will be allowed for use on Black Friday. These includes your refund vouchers, special reward coupons or any others that you have.

Ø What if I order a product on Black Friday and it is out of stock, will I get it at the same price when it is back live?

Ans: There is likely not going to be cases of out of stock. However, in the event that this happens we might be able to offer you the same product model at the same price if it becomes available again soon enough.

Ø The products I ordered, when will they be delivered?

Ans: All orders made during the Black Friday sales would be delivered within the standard delivery timeline as communicated on the website right beside the specific product you would like to purchase.

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