Jumia Emerges As The Official Retailer Of Apple Products!


Due to conflicting theories, we all might not be sure about the inspiration behind Apples logo (death of Alan Turing? Adam and Eves bite of an Apple? Pure Genius/Creativity of Rob Janoff?) but thanks to Jumia, one thing we can all be certain about now is where to get genuine Apple products in Nigeria! The authentic Apple store is now officially open for business on Jumia.com.ng. Jumia Nigeria has grown a rather admirable reputation for promptly attending to the needs of Nigerians in all aspects of life and this new development is sure to add smiles to the faces of Apple loyalists nationwide.


The Apple Store on Jumia is packed to the rafters with genuine and highly sought after Apple products, at prices which quite frankly only an official retailer can offer! Tech lovers most really be thinking dreams come true upon realization that the Bigger than Better Apple [rad-hl]iPhone 6 plus[/rad-hl] is now just a click away and that the highest resolution notebook ever, the [rad-hl]Macbook Pro[/rad-hl] can be delivered straight to your doorstep hitch free. Customers of the iStore on Jumia can also be assured of a one year manufacturer’s warranty and local support.

iPhone 6 plus on Jumia

Speaking at the launch of the iStore on Jumia, Nicolas Martin, MD Jumia Nigeria said, ‘The collaboration between Jumia and Apple is a thing of beauty and can best be described as a big win for innovation and authenticity. Nigerians no longer have to be burdened by fears of using their hard earned cash to purchase a fake, stolen or reworked Apple device’.



Apple have gone on record to say that their aim is to make their devices so simple and customer centered than one would not need a manual to operate it. This current partnership with Jumia must be a marriage of like minds as Jumia is also dedicated to helping Nigerians get their desirables without hindrance and in the most simple of manners. Place your orders for Apple products on the Apple Store on Jumia by clicking [rad-hl]here[/rad-hl].

This article was written by Yemi Kuti