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David Wej” 

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Adedayo David Eweje is a Nigerian Fashion Designer and founder of the lifestyle brand David Wej. He specialises in designs, production, marketing and distribution of premium ready to wear apparels and accessories. In its short establishment, David Wej has gained enormous recognition as one of the leading Nigerian lifestyle brands as it is committed to redefining style across all genres, locally and internationally. They say you never forget your first love and so it was only after he had a stint with Telecom giants Econet and Globacom that he proceeded to pursue his long-time passion for fashion when he created his hugely successful brand David Wej.

My Jumia Experience

Jumia has helped me in increasing sales, online marketing, and providing an online presence with more brand visibility and a wider reach of customers

My experience so far as a supplier on Jumia has brought me to the conclusion that ‘E-commerce is the future of any retail business in Nigeria because of its wider reach which will help retail businesses like mine expand

‘When I first started the brand with offline store locations, I was so sure it was all we needed to achieve the vision of the brand which is our vision is to be a leader in design, production, marketing and distribution of premium apparel and accessories in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. I was skeptical about the acceptance of a premium fashion brand online but Jumia is exhaustively helping us to achieve our brands vision’

I will advice other fashion designers in Nigeria to quickly set up an e- commerce business process and outsource to Jumia being Nigeria’s number 1 online e-commerce store.

Currently David Wej is one of Jumia’s biggest local fashion brands. With this it seems if Adedayo was to write a success story about his David Wej brand today Jumia would be afforded a few chapters. Team work makes the dream work and this has been hugely evident with his highly successful partnership with Nigeria’s largest fashion store. What’s more is that the David Wej journey with Jumia is not just one with a lot of great accomplishments but one that has only just begun.

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This article was written by Yemi Kuti