Jumia Fashion Takes a trip to Paris



Paris is popular for a lot of things but I will only mention the major things; Fashion, Architectural/tourist spots and Good food. Last week our Head of Fashion at Jumia went on a trip to Paris, It was more business than pleasure. Funmi’s trip was centered around discovering the latest fashion trends in Paris and how Jumia will be bringing them to Nigeria soon. She was able to give us full access to her trip with a couple of pictures.

Funmi, Head of fashion at Jumia also embraces a lot of things Paris has to offer. She has good fashion sense, she can spot really beautifully sites and she is a foodie, all of these Paris offered her during this business trip.

Follow funmi through her journey in Paris.


First discovering Paris Day and Night

Then Off to find style and food

Looking forward to the next Jumia fashion trip? Watch this space for more

This article was written by Olamide Amosu