The InnJoo One, sold exclusively on Jumia, can be described as ‘one in a million‘ but this would suggest that a comparable phone could be found after every careful count to one million. We may better describe it as being in a ‘league of its own‘ but this fails to highlight its unrestricted superiority across the entire mobile spectrum. We could then decide to describe it as a ‘stroke of genius‘ but we would lose an emphasis on the effort put in to ensure each unit is built to perfection. What can be confidently said is that the InnJoo One is living proof that perfection is not a myth.

Ever since its launch on Jumia earlier this year, the InnJoo One has secured itself a legendary status among phone lovers. It is by far the most ONE-ted phone in the Nigerian Market. This is more or less due to its outstanding performance yet low price. The InnJoo One is well and truly the melting pot between a high end phone and a budget phone. It impresses with a glass surface and full-metal design, Android Kitkat OS, octa-core processor, 5.0 inch HD screen,13MP back/5MP front camera, 2G RAM/16G ROM and a 2600 mAh battery! All of this for an unbelievable price!

While inspecting the phone which sells out just as fast as it gets put in stock, Fatoumata Ba, Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria, stated, ‘It is easy to see why the InnJoo One quickly became a customer favourite. To start with, it already wins over my heart just from its appealing appearance. Going through the feedback we receive on a daily basis regarding the  InnJoo One makes up one of the highlights of my day and we are extremely proud to be the exclusive retailers of this spectacular phone’.

To consolidate the record number of sales being generated by the InnJoo One, an initiative dubbed the InnJoo One Carnival has been set up by Jumia. The InnJoo One Carnival will see the first 200 customers to buy the InnJoo One get a N2000 discount on the phone by simply using the discount code ‘JUMINNCARN’. All phones bought would also automatically come with a free flipcover. On our social channels, you have the opportunity to win InnJoo branded items, powerbanks, and even your very own InnJoo One. Join Jumia on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus to participate and you could just emerge a winner! The InnJoo One, better experienced, than imagined.