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Do you still remember your very first Mobile phone (GSM)? Do you remember the exciting feature (at least then) that made you have sleepless nights? Can you remember the games such as the snake game, brick game, sudoku?

Mine was a sleek grey & pink Sony Ericsson. It was a ‘big’ phone at the time that I got it but I was stuck on the ‘table-tennis’ game. I eventually got bored and could never get it to work the way I wanted it to and the camera quality.

In not more than 20 words tell us a funny, crazy or special feature about your very first mobile phone in the form below and stand a chance to win surprise giveaways and a video shoot at Jumia Head Office.



27 thoughts on “Enter the Jumia Mobile Week Fan Contest to Win A Surprise”

  1. My first mobile phone was SAGEM s501 I can remember the phone has no Bluetooth to collect a file from another phone I have to on my infarreld then place the 2 phones side by side

  2. It was the ability to use music as ring tone instead of the normal griin grriin other phones had. Lol it was awesome. Nokia 7200

  3. my 1st phone was the Alcatel “onetouch”. it’s a small Grey orange screen phone with a tracker in the middle. it has a unique charger stand, were the phone is placed on to charge.

  4. my ist phone was a Samsung blue face, blue case and a bright blue screen light that I use as a torchlight.

  5. My 1st phone was Nokia2700, i remembered not removing the screen guard even when half of it was torn. That was 7years back

  6. My 1st phone was Nokia 2700classic, i remembered not removing the screen guard even when half of it was torn. That was 7years back

  7. My first phone was a Huawei Starcomms phone. I loved that I had the only multi-color phone among my friends.

  8. Mine was nokia 3310 the phone is lke a rock when it hit the ground it wont break it will just split and after you will just pack it back and switch on and it start working. And the vibration sounds like a car hunk

  9. Ahaha… What’s a GEEZM without an antenna? My very first phone was the Samsung Bluewater with antenna and it was a rave!

  10. My first phone was Infinix hot note x 55 is very nice. The battery last longer, also has enough memory. But they stole it from me. As for the phone is perfect it has never given me a problem.

  11. My first mobile phone (GSM) was an Itel phone. It was red and white in color. I was stung with the popular snake game. But the most exciting time was when I used the camera to snap because the snap shot tone sounded like a gun shot!. I miss the phone when I left for boarding school.

  12. I used my Nokia 3310 for complete 7 years and it refused to die. I had to bury it!

  13. my first phone was Nokia 3310, has a lemon-green light, big heavy battery, and not covenient for the pocket…

  14. My first Mobile phone was the Nokia 6680, It was one of the early phones that supported video calling camera!

  15. My first mobile phone was Nokia 3110 classic, and the feature I liked most was up to 4h talk time, downloadable wallpapers and screen savers. I also liked the games.

  16. Mine was a Nokia 3310 the feature that gave me sleepless night was just the Game named Space impact. .chai this game sweet ehn .i wish i can have the game installed on the current phone I’m using which i bought from Jumia

  17. The ability to surf d net and slide up and down. Nokia 5200

  18. Mine was Nokia 3310, my first day its vibration made me fall off from my bed out of fear

  19. Mine was Alcatel OT-C700A a clamshell phone with a 1.8-inch color display, music player, microSD card slot, messaging and WAP browser.
    The phone vendor told me once it spoil I should buy phone.

  20. Lol. My first mobile phone was a Trium. Fat,thick and even had an antenna. It was actually a cool one since not much could be expected of such phones, but it had a monkey game I would always play again, and again.

  21. My very first time to hold a GSM fone was in 2003 was my auntys Alcartel.wen she asks me charge it I always cherish dat moment of holding staring at it.was a village naïve girl tho lol.later I finally got d nokiaExpressMusic.then visafone,blackberry n Techno.which was stolen had an awesome time wit all these fone families.hoping to add anoda too.

  22. I can still remember my first smartphone Tecno N3 which happens to be tecno’s first Android phone. I was so crazy about the phone bcos it was the first touchscreen phone I’ve ever layer my hands on. Hardly sleep at night bcos of the tetris game I played on it for more than 18hrs daily

  23. In 2004, i tried my best to get a reigning Nokia 1100, the Flashlight feature was unique then all over.

  24. my first mobile phone was a gift from my dad. One sonyericson with detachable camera. Lol i love the ring tone called COPA CABANA

  25. Mine is sagem My V55 has crazy ringtones and photos sent through infra-red cannot be edited/used as wallpaper.

  26. Mine was LG KG 110. It had a colour screen and that made me so excited.

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