Jumia Mobile Week Megathon! June 1st to June 7th!


By now you must have seen the billboards, heard the radio jingles, been on the landing page or read about it in the news! If you hadn’t heard about it on any of those channels consider yourself lucky to have stumbled on this page because you would have been on the verge of missing about on the biggest mobile sales event ever! It is the Jumia Mobile Week!

The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is coming! Be a part of the biggest mobile sale ever! A marathon of mega deals! For one week and one week only, Jumia brimgs you deals of a lifetime from the worlds hottest brands! Download the Jumia App and get access to deals hours before everyone else. On the 1st of June, you better be ready, you better be fast and get the phone you have always wanted with the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon!

If you have lost your phone, been contemplating changing your phone due to a fault, hoping to upgrade your phone to a more recent model, looking to add an extra phone to your collection, in search of a bargain or more, you definitely do not want to miss this!

Note that the deals will be available on the app as from 5am everyday before they go live on the website by 9am!! You can win a N5000 voucher simply by sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus!  The build up to this event is going to be filled with a lot of exciting events and giveaways! This June you are getting a new phone, I am getting a new phone, we all are getting new phones! Let the countdown begin! Click here!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

59 thoughts on “Jumia Mobile Week Megathon! June 1st to June 7th!”

  1. Can’t wait…..Fingers crossed….hopefully, I’ll find that suits my taste and means.

    1. Hi there, may we please confirm the challenge you have been encountering while trying to download the app?

    1. Hi Oby, all phones on the Jumia website will be discounted during the course of the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. You can expect a few more surprises as the Megathon draws closer!

  2. Jumia app is not available on blackberry bold 5 and hope there will be blackberry too…

  3. can’t wait to change my phone to new one, how will it be, does it mean you can pay half of the original price. Some one please explain better.

    1. Hi Clement,

      Unfortunately the Jumia app is not available for symbian. The Symbian OS has been discontinued unfortunately.

    1. Hi Godson, the prices of phones will be reduced to ground breaking prices! Save the date!

  4. I never want to miss out on this. Jus keep the clock ticking…… Jumia for real!

  5. Are blackberry phones included? If nt,it will b very disappointing…and are d prices going 2 be slashed by 50%?

  6. are d prices going 2 be slashed by 50%? Are bb phones also included? If nt,wud b highly disappointed?

    1. Hi there, you can make your purchases on both the app and the website. Thank you.

    1. Hi there, the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is a promotion on just phones but you can be assured that Jumia offers the best prices for laptops all year round.

    1. Hi there, the Tecno H7 will be available and the price will be disclosed during the mobile week. Thank you.

  7. Lyk seriously u guys v still d hrts of Men hopefully women included. Luv u guys.
    Keep it up. Peace ✌

  8. Its allabout u and me, its allabout jumia the best online shopping in naija, and is a promo which i don’t want to be left behind…JUMIA4LIFE

  9. can’t wait to get a new phone on jumia. its my first time here and i wonder how the phone will get to me here in igarra, edo state

  10. Pls@yemi kuti,i only saw iPhone 6 nd 6+ on Apple list,but I want d 5s,re u certain it’s gonna be available also on that 5th of may???its urgent plssssss

    1. Hi Lara, it is going to be available for sale all through the week. It is however not a hero deal as is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which will have much bigger discounts.

    1. Hi Dami, yes Apple iPhones will be on sale at a discounted price during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.


    1. Hi Olowu. Unfortunately we currently do not offer such services. Be such to check back as Jumia is one to spring a lot if surprises.

  12. Yemi, please do we purchase the phone now or until jumia mega week megathon, and is the money to be paid on delivery or immediately when it is booked online.

    1. Hi Bode, it is best you purchase them during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon as they will be discounted then.If you live in any of the major citieis in Nigeria, you will be given the opportunity to make payment upon delivery. If this is not the case, you can make your payment online with your ATM via our secure online payment portal.

  13. @Yemi Kuti. If I got U right, the apps will just give users a 4hour edge but all can still shop from 9am onwards?

    1. Yes this is exactly right! Hero deals go live on the app by 5am and on the destop by 9am,

    1. Hi Matt, the deals will be available both on the app and desktop. Thank you.

  14. today is first n I can’t find anything on d internet bcus I couldn’t download d app….pls can I do

    1. Hi Badu,the flash sale for Tecno comes up by 9am today. The voucher code for the Tecno Y5 is TEC101 while that for the Tecno L7 is LS101. Thank you.

  15. I called jumia customer care representativ last wik nd askd if dey av tecno l6,the reply was no. Pls i want to no if the phone wil be available tomoro. Thanks

    1. Hi John, it is the Tecno L7 which will be available for purchase at 50% off!

  16. I love the new experience of infinix not note.
    But the 6GB data is a fake.

    1. Hi Ray, to activate the 3GB data on your MTN sim card, kindly send JUMIA to 131.

      1. I bought a Lenovo A6000, and i have tried to redeem the free 3GB data with the supplied MTN sim by sending both JUMIA to 131 and later FREE to 131 (i called the jumia customer care to be informed of this later short code). Despite all the above, i am yet to be credited.
        I think it is not right for we to be having this level of hassles to redeem this promise and am forced to conclude it is a scam collaboration. (i am just wondering why MTN would have a rep of theirs at your pre-Megathon roadshows to indicate collaboration if it is all this sour).

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