Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – How Well Do You Know Samsung?


Hey people! As we countdown to the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, here is your chance to win a N5000 shopping voucher on Jumia (among other things) by simply showing us how well you know Samsung! In the form below, you simply need to fill in the correct answer for all ten questions! Hurry, the first person(s) to get all answers correctly wins! May the force be with you!

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12 thoughts on “Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – How Well Do You Know Samsung?”

  1. the most fabulous brand in appliances, equipments and electronics

  2. The perfect and reliable electronic and appliance everywhere,keeping the world of LG the GREATEST.I LOVE YOU…

  3. samsung is the first phone i started using and it will definately be the last. samsung is my best phone

  4. The Next Big Thing is Home. Samsung home appliances
    seamlessly blend superior innovation with beautiful
    design. Dynamic beauty with power.

  5. I know samsung to be a reliable and durable brand of product.

  6. Samsung is that wonderful phone and portable electronic phone that many rule world and is best smart phone for global connection people .

  7. Samsung was founded by Byung-Chull Lee in 1938 in Taegu, Korea. The company started as a food exporter in Korea and shipped items like dried fish and flour to China. They also ventured into other businesses before electronics, businesses like textile, petrochemicals. Samsung is the best producer of android smartphones, also they are the first producer of an android smartphone with smart features like air gesture, air view, smart pause, smart stay, quick glance, they also produce household appliances and electronics

  8. Samsung appliances are very strong and don’t spoil easily and their phones are definitely the best Android phone I have seen so far

  9. Samsung have sharp camera
    Samsung battery is last
    Samsung color resolution is HD
    Samsung touch is soft
    Samsung ram is ok
    Samsung ROM is ok
    Samsung charger is power charge
    Samsung accessory is easy to get
    Samsung speaker is loud
    Samsung is easy to operate

  10. The much i know about samsung is that samsung is a campany found in the year 1938 in Taegu,Korea by BYUNG CHULL LEE.the campany first started with textile,petrochemicals,exporters of food and dry fish business before producing electronics,phones and home appliances.the campany is the first people to produce the best,long lasting and portable android with many apps and all their products are strong,lasts long and always portable.i just love samsung products.

    The company span, innovate and advance in technology to reach minds of customer like me, I know Samsung to be a innovative, reliable product which brings its customer satisfaction unlike their competitators.
    Samsung is taking this globe in a imaginative new direction of technology, i having known them to be world leaders who satisty my life by bettering my everydat experiemce by creating stunning techns to fit the needs and creates possibilities of giving freedom to discover new experience in style, infact by the recent release of the Galaxy S6 i say they are indeed Truimphant. #I will forever LOVE SAMSUNG

  12. Samsung has the best camera quality , sounds , effects , os .. I haven’t noticed any single problem with my present samsung galaxy grand ,that’s the reason why I trust samsung devices so much

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