Jumia Nigeria: Taking Customer Satisfaction To New Heights


Admit it! At one point or the other you have wondered how Jumia does it. Does what? How Jumia manages to cater to its vast number of customers nationwide and still maintain a good level of customer satisfaction among them. The recently concluded Jumia Mobile Week Megathon which saw an unprecedented number of phones sold within one short week adds some more mystery as to how Jumia is able to deliver all these phones to all these customers within the limits of the specified delivery timeline. Most other online retail stores would admit that they are better off trying to fit an elephant through the hole of a needle than trying to measure up to such level of service delivery.

Although the underlying knowledge of how Jumia coordinates its operations can only be truly known by those who patrol its corporate corridors, the layman’s knowledge is pretty much easy to decipher; Jumia puts its customer first. From customer service team, always eager to hear from you and happy to help, to the dispatch unit who will climb the highest mountains and cross the deepest rivers to ensure your order is delivered on time, what we have here is a winning formulae. It is little wonder that Jumia has an unmatched percentage of returning customers who keep coming back to have another bite at the cherry.

Co-Managing Director Jumia Nigeria, Jonathan Doerr, stated, ‘At Jumia, you will find that we have a lot of motivational quotes hung up all over our walls. I believe I speak on behalf of every Jumian when I say there is no quote we hold dearer than ‘Always deliver more than expected’ as said by Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google’. The Jumia Customer Service unit as such now runs a 24/7 service where help can be gotten via 07006000000, [email protected] and @JumiaHelpNg. Orders can also be tracked via www.jumia.com.ng/tracking. The supply chain/dispatch unit on the other hand delivers to every nook and corner of the country and offer a cash on delivery payment service in all major cities in the country.

As most happy customers would tell you, shopping on Jumia is a concept best experienced than explained. The convenience is a joy best felt than figured. Visit www.jumia.com.ng and start shopping for all your desirables today.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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