Jumia does it again! Set to Cause a Nation Holiday on 2015 Black Friday at up to 90% discount


The concept Black Friday is celebrated around the world the day after Thanksgiving with stores offering exclusive deals online and offline for one day. It is a day when people trying to get the best discounts will block and tackle better than their favourite football teams.

If you did not know better, you will assume Black Friday is a national holiday as 2014 recorded a multitude of 370million shoppers worldwide on that same day, spending over $70billion total in the process.

Jumia, Africa’s favourite online retailer is bringing back Black Friday in a massive way this year on Friday, November 27th 2015. It will be federating with MTN, Binatone, Mediatek, Infinix and Innjoo to give you the biggest shopping event Nigeria has ever witnessed.


It will feature flash sales, exclusive fashion deals, blockbuster discounts and more at up to 90% off for everyone. 1000 products with the best prices guaranteed in Nigeria will be available for Black Friday. Customers will be buried under a 24-hour long avalanche of deals and Flash Sales! All the big electronics and fashion brands have RSVPed “YES!” to the event.

2013 was the year Jumia pioneered and brought black Friday to Nigeria but it really got the roof on fire in 2014 with more than 30,000 visits on the website every minute and over 10 million page views on the Jumia website in one day. 400% more orders were placed on that one day than on any other day of the year. The thrills could not be rifer.

2015 Black Friday is set to give everyone an insight into why it is #NowOrNever. Our lucky Black Friday shoppers will stand the chance to win extra vouchers if they shop on Jumia during Black Friday. Jumia is set to make an epoch-making statement and put to bed all doubts regarding who sets the pace.

Black Friday deals on JUMIA will run across all categories on the 27th of November, 2015 and customers can enjoy up to 90% discount on items with free delivery anywhere in Nigeria. It is now or never! It is going to be an epic battle of the fastest fingers! Are you ready for the Black Friday Tsunami?

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    1. Hi Benjamin. You will definitely be updated. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get real time information about Jumia’s Black Friday blockbuster deals.

        1. Hi Okoro. You will definitely be updated. You can subscribe to our newsletter and be one of the first to get up to date information about Black Friday. Thank you.

  1. Please keep me updated on the latest deals cause am nt ready to miss this year’s mega deals

    1. Hi Edison. You will definitely be updated. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get real time information about Jumia’s Black Friday crazy deals.

    1. Hi Isaac. You can absolutely buy anything within our categories on that day and any other day. I assure you that you will be spoilt for choice.

    1. Hi Peter. You will definitely be updated. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be amongst the first to get updated about black friday blockbuster deals.

  2. I need to subscribe to the newsletter because I am a customer to Jumia and I am looking forward to this great shopping day

  3. What is the condition guiding this Jumia Black Friday Sale?, which of your outlet/shop can one do the purchase on 27th November, 2015?, from what time to what time? and is there any way one can get the list of items/products that can be purchased on Jumia Black Friday?.

  4. My order on black friday pls note it down plasmatv(UA32H4100) SAMSUNG hometheatre(DH4530T) generator(SPG1500) my no 07033218778 still more thing just want to no the amount of all this b4 add another item.

  5. Guys the discount is real.. I bought a a 32″ LED TV and a Microwave last year’s event, at great discount, the delivery was equally free of any charge, and i took delivery of it in B/City about 48hrs (work days). I’m sure looking forward to this one, and my friends are making orders through me.. Jumia hope i get a free voucher for my effort.

  6. @Tosin oditta m from Benin i really want to b part of dis deal pls whatsapp me with ds numb 08039512659

  7. Do i need any voucher to make purchases and how can i subscribe to be getting updates? Admin pls help! I need to make purchases.

    1. Hi Odera, You do not need a voucher to make purchases. Kindly visit Jumia today and subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first to get real-time information about our juicy deals. Thank you.

  8. I hope it will nt be like last year.dat the discounts were nt 4 all goods,only those wif vouchers enjoyed it.

  9. Pls, hw do I place order on jumia, ain’t familiar wit it, and also how can I pay b4 delivery if possible, I need help, plsss…..

    1. Hi Abraham. It is my pleasure to show you how to shop on Jumia. Kindly click here to find out how to shop on Jumia and also our different payment options. Thank you.

  10. Is it dat u have to place an order for a particular item on that day or u wil make purchase directly at the event center

  11. hi , olaoluwa have been trying to buy product but I always have dis problem of coupon code what is the coupon code for Ekiti

    1. Hi Moses, trust you are doing great today. Apologies for your experience. However, you may kindly ignore the coupon code request if you don’t have a coupon code. We look forward to receiving your order. Thank you!

  12. I hope there won’t be anything like coupon code because that stopped my for shopping during the jumia mobile megathon, please i need shop that black friday with needing those coupon code to slash price. Please reply, Thanks.

    1. Hi Moses. You will only be to enjoy Black Friday deals on Friday, 27th of November, 2015.

  13. I can see u don’t want to answer questions on products and discounts to expect on that day. A lot of people have asked that question but u refuse to answer.

  14. Hi, everyone, black Friday is real and cook, thanks to jumia for last year black Friday. For info about how to place order check the link sent to you by the admin, and incase you the help of an agent to place the order for you, you can WhatsApp me on 07032744429, don’t panick it will be delivered at your doorstep and it’s going to be pay on delivery. Good luck

  15. Hi! arbeg how true is diz 90% of a thing and when will d order of goods start.,is it on DAT same 27th

  16. I need 4 infinix hot note, 2 washing machine 8kg,4 led or lcd TV 32inches, 2 Refrigerators lg35hlbauuinafam2weight 25kg

  17. Just for clarification: for my order to be placed,do I require a voucher already bought before the black friday begins?Or can I shop and pay instantly during the black friday sales?Please reply,thank u!

  18. Pls is the black friday will last for 24 hours or it has some period that will happen on that day. Thanks waiting for your reply.

  19. i really want to b sure if a product of 100k will b sold for 10k…. bcause! u’v not bin answering dat particular question since dey’v bin asking u sir….. pls i nid ur reply for my question…. thnks!!!…..

  20. Great work by humia.Please can I order as many products as I desire on black Friday.

    1. Hi Bukola, You do not need a voucher to participate in the Jumia Black Friday. Everyone can participate.

  21. Pls I’m based in owerri, how can I make a purchase online on dat blackfriday and is it possible for the item to be delivered in owerri.. Cuz I’ve been trying to make online purchase but I’m just so confuse

    1. Hi Immanuel, Yes. You can make your purchase on Black Friday and have it brought to Owerri.

  22. Is it compulsory to register on jumia b4 u can order fos goods? And hope its nt gona be some set of goods jumia wil giv discount on…

    1. Hi Segun. You don’t need to register, but subscribing to our newsletter will make you first in line to get up to date information about the Black Friday deals. There will up to 90% discount across all categories.

  23. Please I want to know if Innjo max 2 plus will be available on this #BLACK_FRIDAY? Thanks

    1. Hi Olu, the InnJoo Max 2 would be available on Black Friday feel free to shop for it and other items.

  24. Am sure of d website being crowded on black friday…how then will I place my order without experiencing network problem which is so certain,,,,I wanna shop for @ least 2 phones and what will be percentage deduction …pls update me..tnx and God bless

  25. It will be a bomb tomorrow! But do I get to see a 90% discount all the online product? Please keep me updated! Cuz we’ve got only 11 hours remaining!

  26. pls sir, have been all through Google searchn fr jumia outlet in Enugu, do u really have one here?, If not, where is d closest outlet to enugu or wat will my delivery prices look lyk if any, if it can b delivered directly to me at presidential road enugu? thanks in anticipatn fr ur response.

  27. BLACK FRIDAY , many families budgets to furnish der house anew, buh who are u to gain dat much from jumia, don’t want to talk much shaa since d deed is done, Bt advice to jumia, B a man of ur word cos trust counts in busines

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