Jumia Shoe Madness – up to 60% off All Shoe (Limited Time Offer)


“[rad-hl]Jumia Shoe Madness[/rad-hl]”


Hello Shoe Lovers,

For 8 Hours only Jumia is giving everyone the opportunity to shop away and get lost in the land of shoes with amazing discounts when you shop for shoes on Jumia. Jumia Shoe Madness covers male and female shoes from the biggest to the smallest sizes. The more you buy, the steeper your discount, meaning if you buy shoes up to N10,000, you get a whooping 30% off all the shoes. I bet you can save that money to even buy more shoes with over 3000 Shoes to shop from the biggest shoe store in Nigeria.

So shoppers here is how you can take advantage of this amazing deal. Get online now and go to www.jumia.com.ng/womens-shoes or go to www.jumia.com.ng/mens-shoes or  you can easily click here [rad-hl]Male[/rad-hl]/[rad-hl]Female[/rad-hl]. Then use any of these (JUMIAJXYE – JUMIAPM9K) discount codes at checkout to get up to 60% off all the shoes you want.

The countdown already started 7 hours to go. Shop Now.

This Article was written by Olamide Amosu