Jumia Supports Women Empowerment

Jumia recognizes that entrepreneurship has great potential to contribute massively to employment generation and economic growth in Nigeria. Amidst statistical success rate, women entrepreneurs face different issues depending on the stages of their personal life cycle, region, legislation and industry. The African Fashion Development and Empowerment Center organized a conference on Friday the 28th of August dedicated to fashion women empowerment and entrepreneurship graciously invited Jumia to inspire the audience.
 Jumia Women Empowerment
According to Bili Sule, Jumia Nigeria’s Head of Fashion Vendor Management and a thriving entrepreneur herself,Jumia should not be seen as a competitor but as a facilitator for women entrepreneurs: “I am a fashion entrepreneur myself and used to have my own e-commerce website selling clothing and beauty products, so I always thought of Jumia as the competition. The day I understood that Jumia is not my competitor, but a vehicle to accelerate the growth of my business, everything changed.”
“I moved all my stock to Jumia and I’ve never looked back! My sales grew significantly so I could focus on the creative side of developing my brand.”
 Jumia Entrepreneurship program
“Now I am the Head of Fashion Vendor Management at Jumia, so when AFDEC approached us to support and empower their female fashion entrepreneurs, we jumped at the opportunity.
We connected many of the attendees with acquisition managers who will work with them to launch their fashion brands on Jumia – the No1 Online Fashion Destination in Nigeria.”
If you are among one of those thriving fashion entrepreneurs and wish to boost your business and your sales, please pay us a visit at https://www.jumia.com.ng/marketplace/ and get started !
Women Empowerment in Nigeria