Kemi’s Success Story #JumiaIs4


Working at Jumia has been a magnificent experience for me. I recall having a conversation with a friend of mine about e-commerce opportunities, when he informed me of the upcoming e-commerce company, the first of its kind to be pioneered in Nigeria. Having lived in the US for some years before relocating to Nigeria, I found it fascinating and exciting to know that an e-commerce company would be established in Nigeria. A business industry I was familiar with in the US and I knew I had to be part of this, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

I start-kicked my career as a Customer service manager in 2012 and was promoted as the head to B2B2C Sales. I witnessed Jumia experience a paradigm shift from processing 20 orders daily to processing thousands of orders daily. My highlight of it all was Jumia 2015 Black Friday sales in Nigeria where Jumia had over 2 million site visitors and over 100,000 orders in a single day. What a milestone just before our 4th anniversary!

It is great to be part of a diverse progressive thinking group from different parts of the world and an honor to be working for Jumia.  As a Jumia Pioneer, I have an exultant feeling I can’t explain that attests to the quote “hard work pays off after all”. Jumia is my company. Jumia is my family. Jumia is what I Am. I love Jumia.

Happy 4th Year anniversary Jumia!