April Fools Day | Prank ideas you should & should not try


Happy April Fools Day! Did you forget it is today? If you’re looking for easy to do, last minute prank ideas, look no further. These require very little prep time.

  1. You can pour andrew liver salt mixed with water in empty bottle of sprite and offer it to a friend or colleague
  2. Set of the fire alarm in your office, be careful not to get caught though.
  3. Paint a spray starch can and make it look very attractive and gift it to a friend as a body deodorant.
  4. Tell a colleague that the windscreen or his bumper has been damaged by another vehicle in the parking lot.

Usually, the jokes are harmless and give everyone close to us or not a good laugh. Others are done for the shock value effect, but some can tear right into the depth of a person’s soul. Here are few pranks you should not joke about on “April Fools Day!”

1. Do not engage in any sort death pranks: It’s actually not funny.

2. Fake proposals are just outrightly cold.

3. Fake bank alerts under this harsh economic climate is just mean.

4. If you try a pregnancy joke, someone may really want that child

5. Fake robbery? That’s just mean and taking it too far.

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