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If you are certified foodie or are surrounded by the food fam, the need for great meals can not be over emphasized and Jumia has great deals for great meals. Of what use is the perfect reciepe without the right kitchen utensils? Right?

You are probably wondering how much it will cost you to set up your kitchen or what you really need to set up your kitchen?  I have put together a  list of essentials that are cost effective and perfect to prepare that great meal. Personally i won’t do without these items in my kitchen and I believe you will also need these items which are really affordable.

6-Piece Kitchen spoon set: Quit wasting time trying to track down kitchen utensils while you’re making dinner. With the 6-piece kitchen utensil set on ring by chef buddy you’ll have all you need on one convenient ring. Hang the ring anywhere and have your favorite kitchen utensils within reach.

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Fry Pans: Who doesn’t love fries? Frying chicken, meat, turkey, chips, plantain and many more. You only need one of these.

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Pots: You can hardly make any meal without our beloved pots which comes in various shapes and sizes.

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Apron/Pot holder: Want to keep your clothes from getting soiled or you want to hands from getting burned, this kitchen items is best friend

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Cutlery set: Except you are a cave man, you need a set of cutleries to ease the entrance of that delicious meal into your mouth.

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