Kome Shirts: For men who have Style


Just when you think of getting dressed up a little bit or going full on stylish, you immediately drop any T-shirt or polo-shirts from your head and think of shirts. The days when you could simply get away with only T-shirts in your wardrobe are long gone and the luxury of owning multiple shirts is now a requisite. Here is an assortment of Kome shirts that you need to own. We are also going to hook you up with options that can fit your budget no matter what your pick is.

https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-6161-007411-1-product.jpg         https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-7655-290312-1-product.jpg

Kome Long Sleeve Floral Print Shirt                         Kome Long Sleeve Patterned Shirt

The cotton material has all the reasons to look and feel luxurious, most men choose it because the feel of the fabric is comfortable. Owning a cotton shirt is a must have for those mature outfits that make you look macho.


https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-8860-360312-1-product.jpg         https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-4675-190312-1-product.jpg

Kome Long Sleeve Leaf Print Shirt                          Kome Long Sleeve Paisley Print Shirt


https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-3089-010312-1-product.jpg         https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-1018-317411-1-product.jpg

Kome Long Sleeve Abstract Print Shirt                        Kome Long Sleeve Plain Shirt

A fun printed shirt isn’t so common in Nigeria, yet it has the ability to change any outfit from simple to fashion forward. There is a print to suit all personalities, depending on how fun you want to have it and how risky you want your wardrobe to be.

https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-7547-250312-1-product.jpg      https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-8865-680312-1-product.jpg

Kome Long Sleeve Classic Shirt                                 Long sleeve Mushroom Print Shirt


A grey or a Navy blue shirt is a must have for a smart casual look, somehow it looks sexier than a white shirt.


https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-6519-490312-1-product.jpg            https://static.jumia.com.ng/p/kome-9934-690312-1-product.jpg

Kome Long Sleeve Cobalt Blue                              Kome Long Sleeve Dark Grey Shirt

You don’t have to buy all shirts. Just mix, match and choose what fits your style.

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