The Lenovo A6000 Is Here To Rule


The catchphrase for Lenovo currently is ‘For Those Who Do’. However it could very well be ‘For Those Who Know‘…for those who know true perfection when they see it, for those who know how to distinguish top quality from mediocrity, for those who know that Lenovo is the home to industry leading innovation. In the past few years, Lenovo has been making all the right moves in its mission to becoming the World’s top smartphone manufacturer: acquiring Motorola, establishing a new plant in China producing 30 to 40 million phone per year and more. However nothing has helped the Lenovo course more than the launch of the budget friendly Lenovo A6000.

The Lenovo A6000 smartphone sticks out like a sore thumb in a mobile market saturated by budget friendly smartphones. It stands out due to its high end features, unmistakable appealing appearance, superb performance and stunning price! The Lenovo A6000 gives you the  chance to go social at a pocket friendly price and get chit chatting for next to nothing. If you own more than one phone, the Lenovo A6000 has the power to rise into being your favourite phone after just a week of usage as you are sure to fall in love with features such as the Vibe 2.0 User Interface and 4G LTE internet speed.



Display: 5 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen

Dimensions: 141 x 70 x 8.2 mm

OS: Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Camera: 2 MP front camera | 8MP rear camera with flash

Memory RAM: 1gig

Storage: 8gig, can be expanded with a micro sd card

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, WiFi Hospot

Battery: 2300 mAh


If you needed to write a book about beauty and needed a muse, the Lenovo A6000 would be a perfect choice. There is something about its smooth, slim and savvy appearance that can make you admire it all day. Its 5 inch IPS screen has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels which is quite frankly out of the league of its price tag.  It you are the type who objects to a phone being very conspicuous in your pocket then with dimensions of 141 x 70 x 8.2 mm, the Lenovo A6000 is a perfect fit for you.

Operating System and Connectivity

Using the Android 4.4.4 Kitkat loaded Lenovo A6000 which has been enhanced with the Lenovo Vibe 2.0 user interface reminds you why you think Android is the best Operating system. The Vibe User Interface helps you gain access to your frequently used apps instantly from your locked screen, wake up your phone with a simple double tap, increase the volume of your ringtone when your phone is kept in your pocket or bag. However you plan to put your Lenovo A6000 to use, you can be sure of an impressive performance. In the area of connectivity you are spoilt with all the features which will put no constraints to the realms in which you can share your files and documents.

lenovo-saleFun Fact: 25,000 units of the Lenovo A6000 sold out in just four seconds during an online Flash Sale in India

Camera and Video

The Lenovo A6000 spots a 2 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rear camera to ensure that you capture your best moments as you go through life. Because Kodak moments only last for seconds, the Vibe 2.0 User Interface also has in its hat a Camera Instant On feature which helps launch your camera when you simply double tap the home button. Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, flash and HD video recording help put the finishing touches to a great camera.


Music lovers will be glad to hear that the Lenovo A6000 comes with an FM radio. You can stay plugged as you listen to your favorite artists and OAPs keep you entertained all day long. The Dolby Digital Plus powered speakers also make for a splendid music experience. Dual Sim capability is not lost in the Lenovo A6000 as you can slip in two micro sim cards. The 4G LTE network capability also ensures you can enjoy internet at its greatest speed when you are in the greatest need of this.


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