Letters to December


A friend once told me to show utmost courage by chasing my dreams and breathing life on them. That advice is three years old and between then and now, I can say I have done pretty much for myself.

Perfection is a moving target; so also is the road to success. There is no single way to success and success is in several variations.

I think success is simply striving to stay on top and that is it, pretty much.

Harmattan is here again! Not everyone noticed that quick. I still had an argument with someone whether Lagos December’s harmattan comes in form of rain or the usual misty cloud of dust that brings cracks to your face.

She opted for rain and won the argument quite easily. Until I went to work and refused to rub the magic lotion on my lips. Even the minimal lotion I put on my face wasn’t enough. I was white. I bleached from black to white.

Winter is here! It hasn’t ended yet. Come December 8th there will be yet another price explosion. It is called the Jumia Last Chance.

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Let it be known fellas! It better not be you that misses this last chance. This is a do or die situation.

A now or never invitation to shop discounts at the lowest price ever!! If you don’t keep this date in your diary or Calender right now, you have dulled a very serious anointing!!

Keep your power bank and system close! These deals will be the best you ever had. We know Christmas is here and you want to stock your homes full. Come, let’s help you shop discounted items with free vouchers from Jumia’s Wheel of Fortune.

You are still eligible for 35 off your KLM plane tickets and a brand new Ford Figo. Keep shopping throughout Jumia Black Friday and you stand a chance to win the raffle draw!!

From Jumia, we are saying a happy new month. We love you and it is not too late to begin that dream you started to work on. Nevertheless, this is the month of reflection. You have to reflect and look towards moving forward.

Happy Black Friday! Keep shopping, keep winning.