Letters to November


There is this thing with success that is also related to failure. For many people, all they ever pray and pine for in their quiet time, on the go and off the go is success, but they forget that success and failure are equivalent variables.

In my book, success is a recipe for failure and vice versa. Many times huge successes are achieved in the never-ending-run-of-persistent failure. So much that when the moment of glory comes; only you alone can give witness to the trials faced.

This year has been a fast breeze. I beg to differ if the months flew by or ran by, I think they breezed past us. Or what could be faster than breeze? Air?

Maybe it is in tandem with the end of the world Apocalypse or 2018 has so much goodies to bring, we can never know.

If you don’t already know, winter is already here. Winter is not your favourite movie star and his beloveth sharing sword blows in Game of Thrones or three dragons and a Night King.

Winter is Jumia Black Friday 2017 that is at your doorstep. If you want to know when it goes down and you don’t want to miss any step, just click here. It is a month long event and from 13th November to 13th December, the night king himself will be giving you 80% off all deals.

If you don’t believe me, you can always ask him.

Welcome to November! There are always beautiful and awesome people born in this month. And from all of us at Jumia, we say a Happy New Month. It promises to be an awesome ride with awesome deals for 80% off.

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We got you covered with the best prices this month! We can only pray that you get all that you wish for in this month.

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