LG’s New Twin Wash System


Raise your hands if you hate doing laundry. Now think of those laundry-time situations where you have so much to wash and can’t just fit everything in the washing machine at a go. Extra boring, right? Oh! And those damn white and colour instances where you have to separate them into different heaps in order to avert color riot disasters, so you wash in batches.


Now wouldn’t it be super nice if you could side-step all the effort and time-wasting and wash all your washables at once. Well, the gods of technology listened, and they birthed the LG Twin Wash System. Suitable for having two wash cycles of clothes at the same time.

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The LG Twin Wash System sports the TurboWash 2.0 and TurboSteam features that enable high-speed washing process using differently pressured nozzles to quickly rinse your clothes. Once your laundry is clean, the TurboSteam function allows for faster drying times.

What’s more? Just in case you don’t like to go to the trouble of going to the laundry room to check if your laundry is done, LG has got it covered. The machine can also be connected to Wi-Fi, so you can operate it remotely and receive notifications when your clothes are ready. Life’s Good, right? That’s LG for you.

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