Managing a difficult co-worker


There is always that co-worker or boss who gives you a really tough time, yells at you and probably makes it a point of duty to make sure you constantly look bad to people that matter the most in your office.

Whether it’s a co-worker who bullies you at staff meetings and shuts down your new idea, or several colleagues who make up a clique you just can’t break into. They can turn a job you really enjoy into your own daily personal hell.

Do not be ‘afeared’, we are here to ensure your head is always above the water

  • First, you must understand that we have different psychological make-ups. You should take some time to study what does and does not work for your coworker.
  • You can simply ignore if the person is generally annoying and does not have a direct bearing on your work.
  • Always evaluate the situation before you react. Your first reaction may be a shock at the way you’re being treated. Taking time to evaluate a situation allows you to rationally get the best of the situation.
  • You need to take a proactive action because if you keep on taking the heat, there is a good chance the situation will deteriorate and will take a toll on your work.
  • No matter how tempting you might find it, avoid complaining to others on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will begin to sound like a broken record.
  • You need build an effective and cordial relationship with all coworkers. Irrespective of how efficient you are at your job, if you cannot build a friendly relationship with your colleagues, there is little or no chance you will succeed.
  • Don’t go public with your grievances. More importantly, don’t engage with the problem person in front of coworkers, your boss, or clients.
  • At the end, you might not come to terms with the difficult coworker. But even if you don’t like them, you can still learn from them. Use your discussion as a way to find out more about their point of view. If possible, comment on something you value in them. It may help them to see you in a more positive light. It’s unlikely you’ll become best friends, but try to use this situation to understand more about where they’re coming from. This will make working with them easier in the future.

We hope you find these tips handy in maintaining a healthy-cordial relationship with other co-workers and would leave to have your comments.