Living on the Wedge


Any lady who lives on the wedge, has the edge of poise and is at the verge of becoming a fashionista. When it comes to trendy footwear, wedges swing back into fashion more frequently than mini skirts.

Wedges! the wonder shoe of every season. Stacked high wedges come in cut-out cork soles, polished pointed designs and poppin’ Perspex heels. More of a mid heel kinda gal? Flatforms are the alternative footwear fix fulfilling your chunky sole needs.

Wedge heels are easier to walk in as there is more shoe in contact with the floor, although the vertiginous heights some wedgies rise to, may leave you feeling breathless! They are a combination of swag and treats at every stop.

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Wedge table makes for a strong but not intrusive presence. With its linearity and simplicity, it offers a set of sculptural symmetries, inspired by the lightness of origami.

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