Lust for a fashion item in the Jumia Fashion Clearance Sale and win its voucher worth


Fashion has become a necessary staple in Nigeria and Jumia has plethora of fashion items in its arsenal waiting to be given away at sexy discounts in the Jumia Fashion Clearance Sale. The first week of the Clearance sale has seen Jumia besieged by an army of fashionistas shopping their carts fill and fulfilling their 2016 Fashion goals.

With over two weeks of exciting Fashion Sale, Jumia is giving you the opportunity to lust for a fashion item and stand a chance to get a voucher worth the item you lust after.

It simple, simply type the link of the fashion item you lust after from the Fashion Clearance Sale page in the comment section of this post and stand a chance to win an voucher worth that item to bring your fantasy to reality. The lust list competition would last for just a week, from Friday, 22nd to Thurday 28th of January, 2016.

Let the lust begin!