Make Money from Jumia’s “Cycle to Prosper” Program


Are you looking for a sustainable way to earn while embracing an active lifestyle? Good news! Our “Cycle to Prosper” program is a unique opportunity to earn as much as 140,000 – 200,000 Naira monthly! Jumia will provide you with a brand new motorcycle or bicycle you get to work with daily and in 6 – 18 months, you will enjoy full ownership of the bicycle.

How it works:

Step 1: Enroll in our Cycle to Prosper program and receive a brand new motorcycle or bicycle to be used for delivery of Jumia Food orders. 

Step 2: Begin the delivery of Jumia Food orders to customers as soon as you enroll.

Step 3: Start earning up to N140,000 – N200,000 monthly. The more orders you deliver, the closer you get to enjoy full ownership of the bicycle or motorcycle.

Note: Ownership of the bicycle is obtained in within 6 months of acquisition and that of motorcycles is obtained within 18 months of acquisition.

What are the benefits of our “Cycle to Prosper” program?

Earn doing what you love: If you fancy an active and fit lifestyle, our Cycle to Prosper program is big plus! You are going to make money from doing what you love, staying active and fit! 

Eco-friendly: Contribute to keeping the earth green and safe by reducing carbon emissions using our cycling mode of transportation.

Active Income: Get a consistent monthly income that brings you closer to financial stability and experience the satisfaction of working at flexible hours while doing so.

Stay Healthy: Embrace a healthy and active lifestyle by incorporating cycling into your daily routine. Improve your fitness, well-being, and overall quality of life.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to our Cycle to Prosper program and begin a journey to financial freedom today! Click here to sign up.

For more information, call 0700 6000 000 or 01 888 1106.

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