No money? Enjoy your holidays with these 5 tips!


Yippe! It’s the holiday season, and I just got back from one myself. It was a good one I must say. No emails, no tasks, just enjoyment! Although, Sapa wouldn’t let me go to Dubai nor Maldives but I did find a way to enjoy my holiday with only a few thousand Naira in my account.

Gone are the days when I used to think I needed a lot of money to enjoy the holidays, but you know the saying, “…you are most creative when resources are limited”. Like, who would have thought “garri and groundnut” would be nick named “groceries and floating berries”?  This week, I will be sharing with you top 5 tips on how you can enjoy your holidays with little to no money in your account.

1. Explore your home country

Many of us think traveling and summer vacations only involve going to other countries like Seychelles, Tanzania, Dubai, etc. I am glad to tell you that you are wrong. Truly, the experience in these other countries can be very exciting and unique but you can also enjoy a good travel experience within Nigeria like I did. With only N20,000 – N100,000, you can explore places like Olumo rock in Ogun, Agbokim Waterfall and Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River, Zuma and Aso Rock in Abuja, Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi, Idanre Hills in Oyo and many other interesting places.

Nigeria is highly culturally diverse, exploring the country is one way to see beyond what you know about the country and her culture. It’s a really eye opening experience and one you will never forget, I promise. During my break, I spent about N50,000 touring Lagos and Ogun State. I visited the Nike Art Gallery, Freedom Park and the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), then I traveled to Ogun state to climb the Olumo rock and I must say, the view is extraordinary! Beyond that, I also learnt about how the Rock was a saving home for the state inhabitants during their tribal wars. There is so much history attached to such locations and it is best you experience them yourself.

2. Engage in Fun Activities With Friends: What’s a better way to enjoy a holiday if not with friends? The more, the merrier they say and it’s even truer especially when you are trying to save cost. You and your friends can contribute money to enjoy a good holiday. You can engage in various activities with your friends, e.g. Karaoke, Zoo visit, Beach games, Kayaking, Visit galleries, Spa dates and many more! So, pick the phone and call your friends, it’s time to have some fun!

3. Netflix and Chill: If you had absolutely nothing to do for a year and watched only movies all through, you still cannot watch all the movies and shows available on Netflix. They are too many of them to choose from. So, if you enjoy staying indoors, this is a good way to spend time on your holiday. Find some of the top rated TV shows and binge watch them or watch as much movies as you want. Before you know it, 24 hours will start to feel like 2 hours.

This is also a very good way to bond with your partner and kids (if any). You can all watch your favorite shows together and relieve the exciting moments from these shows. Make watching TV shows only a part of a whole experience. I personally would advise that you have some outdoor fun too. Movies and shows can be engaging but don’t get so lost in it, go out and meet people, who knows? The next movie you watch might be recommended by a new friend 😉

4. Volunteering & Giving: One thing I enjoy doing the most during the holidays is giving  back to my community. Although, I am not Bill Gates who can afford to donate hundreds of millions of dollars, but what gives me the most pleasure is sorting out my wardrobe to pick out clothes that I am no more in need of and taking them to charity homes with some food and drinks. So guys, the holidays is a good time to engage in some wardrobe cleansing and put a smile on people’s faces! You will be glad you did! 

5. Chill Out: Seriously, take a big breath and unwind! Clear your mind – that’s the secret sauce. No matter what you’re up to, without relaxation, your holiday’s a no-go. You’ve got 356 days in a year, but less than 30 for pure holiday bliss. It’s your time to shine, guilt-free. Promise, no one’s plotting against you!

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Don’t forget to check in next week for more updates, tips, and promotions on Jumia.

Till next Friday, stay jiggy, shop happy!