Beauty Tips – Cleaning out your Makeup bag


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After looking through every ladies make up essentials and how stacked up they get because we want it all, I have come to realize that we are always only concerned about the products and not how to take care of it . It is almost like a car, driving it is the main thing but maintaining it is on another level. At least for most of us LOOL.

So without a doubt, I found these tips interesting when I discussed with my friend who is a make-up consultant. And yes I was trying to re-stock my light make up collection when she entered in to preach.

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Mascaras are very sensitive and essential make up products. They contain chemicals that allow them to remain in liquid for a limited period of time. Once they are opened, they attract bacteria that could affect the purity of the mascara. It’s advisable to change your mascara once every 3 months to prevent it from attracting bacteria. The newer the better.


To some they might just be seen as pencil and could be treated like every other, once sharpened everything is fine. That may be true but Eyeliners come in liquid or pencil forms and it is best to preserve them in their form from time to time. E.g If it is liquid keep in a cool place, not wet and if it is pencil, sharpen when necessary. It does help preserve it. You should replace your eyeliner every 3 months.


This is for the liquid foundation not the powder version. Like all the other liquid make up products, they should be well preserved. I remember a time when I left my liquid foundation in the car, and the next time I tried to use it, it was as if the liquid had melted. It was not as smooth as it would usually be when applying it, so I had to change it. One lesson learnt, Keep your foundation in your make up bag stored in a cool place. You should change your liquid foundation every 6 to 12 months depending on how often you use it but if you have not opened it you can save it for up to 2 years.


I am sure every girl has a minimum of 5 lipsticks in their make up bag. Lipsticks are more like collectors, once there is a hot color in trend, we are all jumping on it. It is important not to share your lipstick with people. If someone wants to use your lipstick they should use a cotton bud to scrap off it. Lip products are sensitive, so once they start changing color or become dry you should dispose them immediately. You should replace your lipsticks every year even if you don’t exhaust them.


Powders are one of the make up essentials , at least almost every girl has one. The only simple rules for powder is to keep them in a cool and dry place because of their powdery content. If you choose to have more than one powder, it is fine because the skin changes color depending on the weather.

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This Article was written by Olamide Amosu