Shoes every man must own – Men’s Shoe guide


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The general assumption is that only women actually and really like fashion. That I don’t agree with. I have a lot of male friends that are on point with their fashion sense and they take no chances when they are scouting for fashion accessories. For a lot of reasons I am in love with Men shoes, just because they are always classy and different. A man’s shoe tells me a lot about him LOOOL. Just saying…

It does not have to be loud but every piece always tells a different story which is why I think they are always smooth. Just browsing through the men’s shoe section, I can not help but wish I could slip my feet into one of them, ‘Picturing a tall man wearing them and looking very sharp’… There is not one secret to it but with men’s shoes I beg to differ.  Just like my clingy shopping craving for female shoes, I know a lot of men that also have a thing for shoes and go the extra mile to stock nice pairs, which is not a bad thing.

My philosophy when it comes to shoe shopping is simple – See, Admire & Buy.

So here are 5 kinds of shoes every man now should have in his closet.

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The Classic Dressy shoe 

The dress shoes for every man is a must-have. They are your go to shoes for classy outfits. They go with everything formal and even Smart Casuals. They usually would come in form of Oxfords or Derbys, however we won’t pay much attention to the types but the classic/work shoes are good for Cocktails, Dates, Work & Big events. They can be worn with Suits, Jeans, Pants and any other dress outfit for men.

The Brogue

This is very much in vogue now and it is British. Every shoe maker has one in their latest collections just because of the classic finish it gives a man’s look. I for one love the brogues on guys; it has this old feel you can not take away. A few years ago, guys would have been like Nahhh, they look too metro but now every guy loves them. It’s name is derived from its unique design, the punctured dots on the shoe and the stylish feel it gives a man. They are less formal than the work shoes but can also be worn on classy outfits.

The Loafers

This is commonly known here as drivers for men. It is a very common kind of male shoe that is usually flat and comfortable to wear. They are not new as they have been around for a little while and has been widely accepted by a large percentage of men because it’s simple and different. The drivers/loafers are for more casual outfits, so they will be your best bet for  those less formal outings. Really, depending on your personality, loafers come in different forms with the most creative and simple designs. You can wear them on almost everything from jeans to pants and even shorts.

The Sneakers/Plimpsoles

Growing up I used to think Trainers were only for Young boys. Like seriously why will any old guy be wearing trainers until I started to see the more adult and outfit friendly trainers. They now have them in plimpsoles which are very comfortable and sole less. Ever since the converse unveiled itself , it has almost redefined the way you see sneakers. Sneakers are men’s casual shoes you can wear on your casual outfits, for more relaxed and less serious environments.

The Sandals or Slippers

Finally, the one we are very used to in Nigeria. I see slippers commonly known as palm slippers, to be one of the easiest shoes to get at for a guy. A guy in a clean slippers can look so good without having to say much. In the past, the leather slippers where worn randomly with no seriousness for occasions but now the leather slippers are worn on really nice and simple Traditional wears such as the Atiku and other kinds of lace. It completes the simple occasion look. It is not dress down neither is it formal. Every man should have at least one leather slippers or sandals to go with their casual occasion look. They also go well on simple jeans and shorts.

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This article was written by Olamide Amosu