Real Life Transformer! Meet the HP Pavilion 360 Laptop!


HP laptops; your trusted office accomplice, personal assistant, computerized companion and multimedia destination. No other laptop manufacturing company can lay claim to dominating the computing space as HP has done over the past few decades. From the classroom to the boardroom, HP has been an ever present force in the success stories of students and businessmen worldwide.

HP has followed up on their love for innovation and leadership with the addition of an exciting and brand new laptop model into the computing market. It is one which is here to inject some unorthodox working patterns to your office time and exhilarating entertainment to your leisure time. It is an upgraded model of a critically acclaimed and well celebrated model. Introducing to you the HP Pavilion 360 Intel Core i3 13.3 inch laptop.

The HP Pavilion 360 Intel Core i3-2.1GHz Laptop features an innovative 360 degree hinge. This allows you to mount your laptop in a notebook mode, scroll though it in stand mode, watch a movie on it in tent mode or surf with it in tablet mode. Talk about options! The HP Pavilion 360 is one that was definitely built for the burden of business and crafted for people who refuse to be cornered by the constraints of conformity.

HP Pavilion 360


  • Screen: 13.3 Inches Touchscreen
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2.1GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HDD/Internal Memory: 500GB
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Camera: HP TrueVision Full HD Webcam
  • Product Warranty: 1 year

Operating System

The HP Pavilion 360 runs on the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Amid the usual features you can come to expect with your Windows OS, the Windows 8 consists of a touch-optimized Windows shell, the ability to sync apps and settings between devices and an optimized platform to easily access and run your applications. The Windows 8 OS also allows for compatibility with USB 3.0 Advanced Format hard drives, NFC and cloud computing.


Architects, Graphic designers, Gamers and those who appreciate a seamless operation from their personal computers will fall in love with the HP Pavilion 360. This is because it spots an impressive 4gig ram which gives you the chance to run multiple heavy applications at the same time. The 500gig ROM on its part leaves you with sufficient space to store all your work files and multimedia files.


The HP Pavilion 360 comes loaded with BeatsAudio™ and dual speakers which allows you turn your laptop into a sound system. Get blown away as your laptop with provide you with the best sound and richest audio. It also has in ranks HP Connected Music which allows you access multiple music sources, listen to radio stations and broadcasts from all over the world and organize your music library to how best it suits you. Your Skyping and teleconferencing needs will also be fulfilled with the incorporated HP TrueVision Full HD Webcam.

HP Pavilion 360 laptop

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