Men’s Bag | A Dichotomy of fashion & function

As the world now knows men wear bags, more specifically men carry bags like women carry purses and in some cases men buy women’s purses and wear them in the same way. Some people hate it, others love it, I… well I see that this trend will soon not be a trend, but just a way of life. If you don’t see a lot of men rockin’ bags in your city then it’s probably because your city is just a “late-bloomer” give it a year or two and you will.

The man bag and murse are fine, but I still love to see a man with a classic messenger bag.

The Slim Brief: This sleek and slim bag is for the man who’s on the go and needs to carry just a few necessities. From a laptop to a magazine to house keys, this everyday men’s bag is easy to carry around, yet doesn’t  feel as formal as a traditional briefcase.

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The Tall Tote: The long-handled tote men’s bag is for the man with slightly more items to carry in a very casual way.  The bag usually has one large component, which is great for a stack of books and a laptop, a change of clothes for the gym, or whatever items you need at your disposal.

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The Back Pack: For those super lazy days where you don’t want to fuss, the backpack is a great choice for carrying your things on the go. For the motorbike commuter, the student, the gym rat, or any man who appreciates having both of his hands free as he moves about town.

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The Document Case: If all you need to carry is your laptop and your phone, then the document case is your bag of choice. Add a pen and notepad, and you are ready to take on the business world!  Or at least take notes if your phone and laptop dies. You can carry a charger in there too.

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The Travel Duffle: The travel duffle bag is for the man who wants to carry everything he owns including the kitchen sink. A small duffle can simultaneously serve as a work bag, a gym bag, and an overnight bag. These bags are ideal for the frequent traveler that needs to carry a little more stuff than a typical bag but less than a full size suitcase.

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Retro bag: Now this a man’s bag. Its authentic, classic, and rugged. It looks like it belonged to your great great grandfather, but yet it looks like you can give it to your grandson when he heads to college. This satchel is perfect.

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