Motivation- Whenever you fall; You must rise


Have you ever fallen before? You have to rise up immediately after.

You know that there is a very big difference between a stumble and a fall.

Losing your balance is a stumble, but kissing the sand is the definition of a fall.

I had the experience of a fall once. It was unexpected and has not happened in a very long time. It is very absurd that it is at the moment you fall, that you remember you were once on top.

When mine happened, which was very recently, I just kept explaining myself to everyone at work.

“I was standing here before and I just fell. I never saw it coming.”

And for everyone that asked after that were met with the same response.

There is one unique thing about the human existence; it is a gradient slope with so many curves. It keeps alternating and fluctuating. Many people will give excuses for a fall. Like I did myself, but you don’t need to be sorry.

Life is a gradient slope, it falls and rises. A fall is always short. Life is like a football game with so many odds. After the odds, there is always the chance at redemption, the chance to turn all the odds in your favour.

My muse this morning is a beautiful lady who just sat on a bench with her head face down gazing at her feet. The commercial cyclist that took me out of my street felt life wasn’t that hard. He believed it just wasn’t her turn at glory and she needed not worry herself uncontrollably, the way she did.

Your Fall deserves no apology. Your rise is the perfect rebound!

So when next you fall, don’t give excuses, take initiative and move on from it. Once you fall, see a rise as only normal