Movie Review: Everything Everything


Love is a pretty cliché feature in motion pictures, generally. But when two teenagers defie all odds including death to finally be together. What do you call that? Not lust I presuppose.

Everything Everything is a 2017 movie about Eighteen-year-old Maddy who suffers from SCID, an immuno-deficiency disease that prevents her from leaving her home and interacting with others. She lives in a hermetically sealed air lock or like Nick Robinson, the love of her life calls it, “a glass mansion.”

Since her type of SCID is rare, she can contact any disease from just stepping outside, relating with other people or breathing the natural air easily inhaled by others, outside.

She is nursed by an overprotective mother, Anika Noni Rose and a friendly nurse Carla (Ana de la Reguera). With this kind of regimental rulership, the people that are aware Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) is alive is quite small, which includes Maddy’s only friend, Carla’s daughter, Rosa (Danube R. Hermosillo).

Maddy’s life changes when next door neighbor, Olly (Nick Robinson) moves in from New York. They start by exchanging glances from the veranda where Nick learns that Amandla is sick and just yearns for one thing: to go outside and swim in the ocean- Maddy Whittier’s wildest fantasy.

Since Maddy always stays at home, Maddy Whittier and Olly begin their love story from the windows of their houses facing each other. Olly entertains Maddy for the next few days playing with the bundt cake at the window as he writes his number on the glass for a continued conversation online and via calls.

Everything Everything is the classic Young adult movie that oozes sweetness all over it, utilizing suspense and fear in jolting the audiences in their seat. So that if you are love struck and you watch this, you will struck by lightening again. The audience know that the chemistry between Amandla and Nick is unique and the clandestine nature of it will of course end badly.

But it doesn’t end without the twist.

Maddy’s love story is facilitated by Carla, her nurse who plays the role of a concerned mother willing to open Maddy to love with the right guidance. After sharing a clandestine kiss with Olly and mot falling sick; Maddy is convinced she is perfectly normal and goes ahead to book a secret trip to Hawaii to see the Ocean, completely defying her mother rules. Sex is the inevitability of love when two teenagers have only one bed to themselves.

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The next morning Amandla is rushed to the emergency section as we fear she would not recover from this prodigal deed. Maddy survives only to receive a call from Hawaii that she doesn’t have SCID and the only thing she has is a weak immune system that has not been exposed to illnesses to make her body system tougher.

This new twist turns Maddy away from her mother and back to Olly’s arms in New York. She reunites with Carla and Rosa but we fear if Dr Pauline Whittier would ever forgive herself for lying to her only child left.

Everything Everything takes a 10/10 for me in a twist we never see coming. The dialogues were not special but were definitely not cliché. As for the scenery and shots taken. They were more than perfect.