How much makeup is too much?


You think guys don’t care about makeup? Think again. They may not know much about it or understand exactly how it gets applied (and that’s ok, we can not be bothered), but they definitely have an opinion when it comes to how much of it you should be wearing, and when.

Many guys say they don’t like when women wear too much makeup. What exactly does that mean? All of these women have on a face full of makeup yet they all look “natural”. Does too much makeup mean too intense/fake or an actual quantity? Are guys truly able to tell if someone’s wearing makeup? If so, what gives it away?

Women aren’t “lying” when they wear foundation or concealer and all that because it is still their individual face underneath. Makeup is an art where ladies play with light and shade in various ways on their face to accentuate or conceal certain features. Others wear makeup to express themselves, whether it be bright purple lipstick or fake eyelashes, makeup is an art form.

So what’s the big deal? Women are people, just like men. Men cut their hair to look different, women cut their hair to look different. Men can grow facial hair to look different, women can wear makeup to look different. For both men and women, we are doing things to alter our physical appearance in some way.

In my opinion and I believe same goes for Nigerian men as well:

  • Ladies, men are very visual and I am sure you know they are attracted to what they see. In other words they are easily decieved by the makeup you apply and would always like to know how you really look. They don’t want spend the night with Beyonce and wake up with Fiona.
  • Ladies, the guys know you spend a lot of time & probably money trying to look stunning but sometimes it comes out as a map filled with all the rainbow colours.
  • A lot of guys are of the opinion that ladies that regularly do heavy makeup are usually high maintenance, they do not want you competiting with their cars for attention.
  • The key is moderation. Every guy appreciates a pretty lady but knowing the right amount of makeup to have on your face and right occasion for them is really important.

With these four factors elaborated above, I would ask once more “how much make up is too much?”I reckon it is influenced by the listed factors amongst other things. Do you agree?