Must-Have Accessories for the 21st Century Gentle Man


They say how you dress is how you get addressed, neither is it news that women generally prefer the man who is well put together to a the man who has his trousers at the hem of his boxers.

If it is the opposite for you, you need to check the women you associate with. However, being a 21st Century Gentle Man is simply being comfortable in your own skin. Here are few accessories that a perfect gentle man should own.

1)A decent wallet

Wondering why this is on the list?. It is on the list because that torn wallet with flaky leather  does not count as a wallet. I understand the wallet might have been a sentimental gift but when you bring out a tattered wallet on the first date with a new girl, it might just be the last date.


Nigerian men still haven’t gotten into this. There is nothing sexy about smelly feet. Socks also save you a lot of stress as it helps prevent feet bruising and coloured ones just makes the perfect fit when combined well.


Nice wristwatches are, and will continue to be sexy. It doesn’t have to be a Swatch, Movado or Michael Kors for it to be nice. Nice watches for very affordable prices are everywhere. Jumia is also a place you are guaranteed to find  quality and affordable watches.

4)Man bags

Yes, men can carry bags too. Man bags range from napsacks, to suitcases and messenger bags.


The trick with this is to avoid odd colours and keep it simple.


It is a good thing that Nigerians have fully bought into the sunglasses trend. The issue however is that we have one too many people walking around with the wrong shape of frames.

Good Shoes

They say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a good shoe. A good shoe that fits the occasion is no-negotiable.

There are other accessories that women seem to like on their men, but not sure Nigerian men have bought into these items yet.



*A leather jacket