Ready for the next big thing ? InnJoo #Power in Nigeria


Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in Africa but only about 40% of the people are connected to the energy grid. The people who actually have power, experience difficulties around 60% of the time. The worse thing is, at present, some of the 23 power plants in the country are unable to generate electricity due to shortage of gas supply to the thermal plants, with one of the hydro stations faced with water management issue.

Many people don’t have enough hours of power a day from the national grid. If they do, they’re lucky.

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As a result, one of the hardest adjustments for Nigerian people when making the switch from their feature phones to a smartphone was realizing that they now have to charge their phones at least once a day, instead of once a week. For parts of the country without reliable Internet access, the need to constantly recharge has caused a great deal of troubles to the smartphones users or the people who have been considering getting a smartphone.

The last thing you want is for your phone to run out of juice when you need it most.

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Big screens, superfast processors and powerful apps mean smartphone battery life has never been more important. After all, what good is that advanced camera if your handset is dead before your kid’s game gets started? And who wants their phone to rundown while rocking out to play some music? The specter of losing battery — and therefore losing your communication hub — is frightening and real.

Fasten your set belt because, InnJoo is set to revolutionize the mobile landscape with the next big thing.

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  1. Please when is the new injoo fire plus going to be on sale on jumia? And what is the price?

    1. Hi Annie. Thank you for the question. A notification for sale of the InnJoo Fire Plus and its details would be communicated to you very soon via our newsletter.

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