No Party Like The Jumia Party!


It was sizzling hot at the Jumia Staff Mask party which held on the 16th of January, 2015 with the staff of Jumia unwinding after a long day”s of hard work.

jumia max party by femimicheal phtotgraphy561          mask party on Jumia by femimicheal phtotgraphy737

jumia staff party by femimicheal phtotgraphy654  mask party on Jumia by femimicheal phtotgraphy589   jumia max party by femimicheal phtotgraphy738   Jumia party by femimicheal phtotgraphy632

Above are some of the of the posts from the mask party. Stay tuned for the next edition on some of our staff who looked hot…or not.

This article was written by Aisha Aburime.