Nothing Can Force Jumia To Shut Down, Not Even Fuel Scarcity


There are three constants in life. The Sun will always rise after the night. Kanye West will always rant when he gets close to a mic. Jumia will always deliver – even with the prevalent fuel scarcity.

Jumia is with you during these difficult times of fuel scarcity and has put in all efforts to alleviate your troubles! Save yourself the hassle of queuing up for hours on end at the petrol station and buy everything you need from the comfort of your home on Jumia!

They say the true test of a man is how he handles adversity and Jumia has aced it! Jumia is fully functional and still delivering everything you need to your doorstep, even in these trying times. Thanks to a great team who anticipated the scarcity, Jumia has been able to build up a reserve of diesel and petrol to ensure operations do not get compromised.

To further flaunt Jumia’s ever preparedness to fulfill the demands of its customers, starting today, Jumia will be embarking on a free delivery to all their cash on delivery regions in Nigeria! Jumia has also sprung into action to help cushion the effects of the fuel scarcity on Nigerians by launching the #SavePower store. Click here to shop in the #SavePower store where you can snap up energy efficient products and appliances at pleasantly shocking prices.

Even though push has turned to shove, Jumia will not be forced to shut down its website during this crisis.  Jumia remains the online shop you can totally rely on when all other shopping malls, both physical and online, have failed you!  So even though we cannot sell you fuel, we will continue to pretty much sell you everything else, ranging from trendy fashion, home appliances, mobile and gadgets to your essential grocery items.

16 thoughts on “Nothing Can Force Jumia To Shut Down, Not Even Fuel Scarcity”

  1. Oh…. Cool. Apart from quality, consistency is also made in place. Truely the No. 1!

  2. I confirmed the statement. I ordered for some items this period of fuel scarcity and they were delivered to the pick up station promptly in Ibadan.
    Keep it up.

  3. Go! Go!! Go!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Jumia ! Go Jumia !!! Rep Jumia for life!

  4. Seriously… This Jumia eeeheen…there’s something #coooooooooooool# about you!

  5. this is a sigh of relief………. Thanks for always improving on ways to satisfy your customers. you are indeed NO. 1……….That why i shop on JUMIA.

  6. Jumia is really trying. But in order to best improve your services, try and check the products you are delivering to people very well. I bought a Piano Sustain Pedal and what was delivered to me was actually an Ibo made Pedal. I was not happy just because i needed to use it that week for an occasion. I just think if you guys can check for the authenticity of this products, it would go a long way and reduce rejections. Thank you. #thumbsup

    1. Hi Moses, thank you, we really appreciate your feedback. We are sorry to hear about the unsatisfactory service you encountered. May we ask if you contacted customer service for a resolution upon your realization. Please contact us on 07006000000 for subsequent issues albeit unlikely.

  7. Can’t compare Jumia with others. You guys are at the top of d game. You rock

  8. Doe jumia remains the best in naija,but am not happy with guys l ordered an audio dvd home theatre 4430 lg since 21 of this month last week precisely nd Uptil now jumia hasn’t delivered or see to my order:how wud you want me to rate jumia 100percnt with such act,my annoyance is that you keep tellin me that my order is on its way nd that it has been shipped for how long’if you guyz don’t ve the product anymore you alert me nd stop posting me orgiving me hope that’s it’s on it way,thank you.

    1. Hi Chinny, we thank you for your patronage and plead for your patience. Kindly provide us with your order number at [email protected] and we will assist to expedite your delivery right away. Thank you.

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