My NYSC Experience | Basics of the NYSC Camp


Heeding the Clarion Call? Now your suffering continues (NYSC).  A colloquial acronym for the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria.

Well, how do I start, Let me see, yeah Camp was ..oh boy.. what an experience, sadness, laughter, Joy, all kinds of emotions pass through my mind as I reminisce. It was absolutely military regimentation ‘Left! Right! About turn! Remove Hair Dressing! I felt like a 2nd lieutenant. The Miss NYSC and macho Man….hmmmm… Would leave you to tell that tale.

Let me give you an experience knowledge of some items you will need in camp

White vests: This is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps this is the only allowed cloth to be worn throughout your 3 weeks

White shorts: Please, do yourself a favour and bring yours. you would also be given 2 pairs of shorts which are really poor in material. They tear easily and it can be annoying.

Plain white sneakers/Tennis shoes: This is a very important outfit. you would also be given an ugly pair of low quality white tennis shoes customized for NYSC. It’s either you are not given your size although you can find someone with your size and swap. But after the first wash it starts tearing. So just buy yours (white).

White socks: You don’t want……. Just get extra pairs because

Mosquito Nets: You would do not want to fall sick in camp from malaria and miss out on the fun. Just bring yours.

Antiseptic/Disinfectants: Such as Dettol etc. This is very, very essential. Firstly the bathrooms can be very annoying and dirty and more importantly, you would not like to have infection from camp.


A pair of slippers: Just buy one

Bed sheets, Pillow Cases and A Pillow: Mammy market is always expensive, so you should exploit Jumia’s items

Flask, Bowl and Cup: For eating. Important for those who intend on eating Camp food

Flashlight or Rechargeable Lamps: Most camps, do not give light except at a specific time of the day. It’s very essential especially at night when you need to use the bathroom, early in the morning when preparing for morning drills and meditations and at night in case you need to do anything.

Some form of entertainment: For those who get bored easily come along with your PSP or MP3 players for audiophiles.

Your sunglasses for the sun, especially for those posted to the North

Visit Jumia today and shop for all NYSC items and it would be delivered to your house or the camp