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Today we are going to understand the basic step  to getting that perfect arched eyebrow. Understanding these basic steps involved in achieving amazing makeup seems to be impossible sometimes but it is not as difficult as we make it seem.

It is so easy to makeup with little tweaks and tricks to get that fabulous eyebrow like Kim Kardashian.

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Now, below there are eight easy steps to achieving that professional perfect eyebrows. Your eyebrows add essential balance to your face, which make it POP. It brings out all your features on your face.

It is so simple and funny how well groomed eyebrows just make your eyes pop even without a touch of makeup.


  1. Brush your brows into the shape you desire, using a brow brush or your finger . This shape should form a clean, tapered line if properly styled.y (4)
  2. Use your eyebrow pencil or eye shadow to draw the guideline following your natural eyebrow  shape to determine arch.
  3. Draw the  line defining the top and softly fill in large, blank spots with an eyebrow pencil and blend. To do this, use light, gentle strokes. Do not attempt to make eyebrows longer using the pencil or it will look unnatural. You may, however, apply light strokes of pencil around the brow to create thickness, but no more than a fine line or your brows will look painted on.
  4. Apply using a fine, angled eyeshadow brush. Brush again lightly to remove excess powder and shadow.
  5. Next, Use concealer one or two shades lighter than you usually colour to define the crisp line underneath the eyebrow.
  6. Use a concealer that is closer to your eye colour one top of the eyebrow.
  7. Bend out both concealer lines, then then dust eyebrow with setting powder
  8. Set your brows using a brow gel. Lightly brush through brows so as not to remove the makeup. If you do not have a brow gel, you can spray hairspray onto a brow brush.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your brows are not you
  • Usually the same color as your hair. Your brow pencil and shadow should match your brows.
  • Do not substitute eye shadow for brow shadow. Eye shadow is more highly pigmented and will look unnatural.

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