Match Made In Heaven


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tunde and Wunmi Obe. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Some people just fit perfectly together like a hand to a glove and with statements like ‘The day we met, angels smiled and said perfect’ and ‘We were made for each other’ it shows that we all believe in the idea of kindred spirits. And so, just as there could be two people who very well complement and get the best out of each other, there also are products and accessories which operate in the same vein.

We all have that one grandparent who has a certain sophisticated gadget and who we feel isn’t using it to its full potential. Ironically if we decide to give our lives a proper scrutiny we will find out that in most respects we really are no different from our senior citizens. There’s the popular adage which goes, ‘the gods send nuts to those who have no teeth’. Jumia however discredits this claim with the widest range of products and accessories that best match each other. Below are a few suggestions you might want to put into consideration.

1)     [rad-hl]You have a television, get yourself a Home Theatre System[/rad-hl]: Amplifying your television with a home theatre system is the ultimate way to watch TV.  The LG AUD 7530 5.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre System would make sure your movie nights don’t remain the same with its Full HD resolution upscaler‎‎, speakers which provide clear and precise sound, powerful bass through the specially tuned sound matrix‎‎, karaoke function and lots more.

products and accessories

2)     [rad-hl]You have a Smartphone, get yourself a Cookoo watch[/rad-hl]: Look ma, no hands! This smart wristwatch gives you the chance to view notifications of incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook messages and posts, Twitter mentions, calendar reminders, sms, email messages, phone low battery and many more from your phone without having to hold it or bring it out of your pocket. It’s just what the doctor ordered.


3)     [rad-hl]You have shirts, get some stylish ties[/rad-hl]: So you have the widest assortment of office shirts but do you have the right collection of tees that will complement these shirts perfectly? Spoil yourself with the most contemporary collection of corporate ties online that will help add the right amount of spice to your dress code.


4)     [rad-hl]You have a laptop, get some internet[/rad-hl]: The internet has opened new doors for social interaction, activities and business. Get superfast internet on your laptop with the Swift 4G internet modem and get access to the numerous opportunities the world wide web has to offer such as social networking, electronic business and more.

laptop and modem

So get yourself familiar with the numerous affordable additions that you can combine with your current possessions  to ensure that you are not wasting their true values. Explore [rad-hl]Jumia[/rad-hl] and you will be sure to find yourself a lot of must haves. Have a lovely weekend.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti.