Five Affordable Wrist Watches That Flaunt Class


A wristwatch is undoubtedly a man’s single most important piece of jewelry. A survey conducted had pointed out that wristwatches were the basis used by women to judge the true worth of a man. What this shows is that the brand/design of a wristwatch somehow emits a luxury aura that raises the overall value of a man’s attire and ultimately his bank balance. Time truly is of the essence so it seems.

So the question is, which wristwatches can one take advantage of that would depict a huge bank account, well without having to break the bank. Below are top five classy and affordable wrist watches carefully handpicked for you which are all amazingly below N14,000.

1)    [rad-hl]Armitron Men’s 40/8280BLU Metallic Blue Accented Black Resin Strap Digital Chronograph Sport Watch[/rad-hl]: This wristwatch is the fine line between an everyday timepiece for a loved one and a special occasion accessory for yourself.

armitron wrist watches on Jumia

2)     [rad-hl]US POLO Men’s US9124 Black Rubber Strap and Gold-Tone Analogue-Digital Watch[/rad-hl]: This is the perfect timepiece for the fashion‎‐forward and active lifestyle‎‎.‎ Decorate your wrists with a blast of colour and functionality from U‎.‎S‎.‎ Polo Association‎.‎

us-polo wristwatches on Jumia

3)     [rad-hl]ESPRIT Varsity Silicone Watch ES104131001 – Grey[/rad-hl]: Innovative‎,‎ attractive and detailed .‎ These are just a few words that describes this Espirit watch.

esprit wrist watches on Jumia

4)     [rad-hl]TIMEX Men’s Quartz Watch with White Dial Analogue Display and Black Leather Strap T2N338PF[/rad-hl]: A definite expression of cultivated fashion‎,‎ this brilliant timepiece is the perfect accessory for those with a passion for simplicity, elegance and style‎.‎

timex wrist watches on Jumia

5)    [rad-hl]Casio Casio Men’s AQ160WD-1BV Ana-Digi Electro-Luminescent Sport[/rad-hl]: Classic and stylish‎!‎ Casio watches are generally known for their precision and superb quality and this wrist watch emphasizes this fact.

casio wrist watches on Jumia

Get time on your side by taking advantage of one of these timeless timepieces and you will never know wrong. See you next time.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti.