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Whoever said money cannot buy happiness obviously did not know [rad-hl]the right place to shop[/rad-hl]*wink*. Whether one would prefer to be sad in a Ferrari or happy taking the long walk is definitely up for debate but one thing that is not however is the fact that we all desire to acquire and experience the finer things in life. Everybody, no matter how introverted, dreams of the celebrity lifestyle and status every now and then and to be honest most of the things we dream about are actually within our reach, both budget-wise and with the help of yours truly, Jumia.

The setup and the extravagance depicted in popular television shows such as Cribs, My Super Sweet Sixteen and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous makes it appear as though one would need the savings of a lifetime to experience just a bit of celebrity luxury but this really is not the case. We all can/deserve to live a little and enjoy every moment that we find ourselves in and Jumia represents the one stop destination to obtain the products that present these life pleasures at the best prices. So why don’t you:

1)     [rad-hl]Take a Selfie with the Samsung S5[/rad-hl]: Ellen Degeneres caused pandemonium and turned the social media world on its head when she posted a selfie of her and other popular A list celebrities on Twitter allegedly using the Samsung Galaxy S5. Indulge yourself in this ultramodern and celebrity endorsed mobile phone which comes loaded with a 16 megapixel camera, 16 gigabyte internal hard disk memory, fingerprint security access feature, water and dust resistant attribute and personal fitness tracker.

celebrity lifestyle on Jumia

2)     [rad-hl]Walk a red carpet[/rad-hl]: For celebrities, two things are certain, a ton of free stuff and red carpets events. Get like Lupita Nyong’o and be crowned the Queen of the red carpet be delving into our Events and Tickets Store. Allow yourself the occasion of getting wrapped into the overwhelming tension and thrills of walking a red carpet and getting blinded by the camera flashes of the paparazzi.

celebrity lifestyle on Jumia

3)     [rad-hl]Smell like a million bucks[/rad-hl]: Our favorite celebrities who have delivered to us our best songs and finest movies seem to be heaven sent. What’s more is that they actually are also engulfed in heaven scents. The good news is that in recent times celebrities have signed contracts with perfume houses to have their signature scents produced for the public so now you get the chance to leave a lasting impression by smelling like a celebrity.

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4)    [rad-hl]Be a Trailblazer[/rad-hl]: D’banj is the one artist who knows how to look good in a blazer and this statement transcends the borders of being restricted to just Nigeria, I am talking worldwide. Get arrested for stealing the show by taking advantage of smart blazers that are guaranteed to keep spectators star struck and give you the appearance of someone famous. These terrifically tailored blazers would keep you asking for more like Oliver Twist.

buy smart tvs on Jumia

5)     [rad-hl]Have a Reality TV[/rad-hl]: In the popular show Cribs there are three highlights. The celebrity’s garage, the wardrobe and the television. Although celebrities are quick to kick out the MTV Cribs camera men, you can make your house the home of hospitality by getting your living room a smart television. Smart televisions give a whole new meaning to reality television as you get the sense that you can actually see and feel the broadcasts.

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Ok so are you still out there asking yourself why shop Jumia?

Reason Number 1.

That’s it.

That’s the reason.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.