Living Smart With Smart Electronics


Why spend hours of productive time in traffic trying to buy some essentials when you can just place your order online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep? Why fall victim to impulse buying in a store when you have ample time with aid from product information/reviews to consider before placing an order? As a plus size lady why go through the embarrassing ordeal of entering a store and having to come out empty handed because you could not find anything in your size? As a young guy or girl, why have that snooping store attendant annoyingly follow you unprompted around the store aisle by aisle?, the number one online retail store in Nigeria (and you know numbers don’t lie), is the perfect online shopping solution to help solve all these individual problems. When you shop on Jumia, you allow yourself to get spoilt for choice by shopping a huge selection of products with outstanding quality, 24/7 from anywhere all at the best prices, delivered conveniently to your doorstep. If this is the path you choose you definitely are living smart.

Living smart is the new way of life, the new culture. It’s safe to say that everybody generally subscribes to the notion, ‘Work Smart, Not Hard’. A quick breeze through a classic social media trending topics like #MoneyCannotWaste shows that we all also agree to the Living Smart way to life. With the rise of the internet and science and technology, life has been made so much easier and it’s left for the smart individuals to grasp the vast opportunities at their disposal. Take these smart electronics for example:

smart electronics

[rad-hl]Smart televisions[/rad-hl] give a whole new meaning to Reality TV and provide the most advanced TV experience ever. Imagine using your voice or the wave of your hand to change channels and control volume levels. Imagine being able to watch every show in 3D because your television automatically helps convert 2D to 3D. This and more is what the world of Smart televisions provide. Indulge yourself.

[rad-hl]Smart Tablets[/rad-hl] are proof that some things just fit best in your hands. Everything that can be achieved on a laptop can also easily be achieved on a tablet. It’s been said, ‘Your network is your net worth’ and with your tablet with you at all times you get to always stay in touch with your network of friends through facebook, instagram, skype, twitter and other social media applications.

[rad-hl]Smart Phones[/rad-hl] have made phones to grow beyond the traditional use of making and receiving calls. With smart phones the possibilities are endless. Who would have thought you can control your phone without having to touch it or simply by speaking to it. Who would have thought you could have a phone with a 41 megapixel camera. Or ironically you can make a call without having or using your credit.

[rad-hl]Smart Cameras[/rad-hl] make life so much fun as you can simply take a picture and share it immediately with your social media family. You can capture the perfect picture from a mile away with them and better still they do not allow you end up with blurry pictures because they tend to be steady when you are not. This and more is what smart cameras represent.

Shop Jumia and live smart today! I mean by shopping online you only get to stare at your computer screen and not through the window of a shop! Lol.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti