Quick Makeup tips for a flawless look


Makeup is a real enchanter. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, beauty that surpasses the understanding of male folks. Yes! I know for a fact.

However, if you do not apply your makeup properly, chances are that you will look worse than your natural self. Not to worry, Jumia is on hand to give you the basic makeup tips you need to slay for the new year.

makeup tips on Jumia

  • Always use a foundation that goes with your skin shade. You don’t want to walk around with a Fanta face on a coke body
  • Dark brown or brown pencils are best used for the brows
  • Avoid applying to much lip gloss. I t makes the lips look bigger than usual
  • Always line your eyes before using a strip lashes. This helps has as a guide in knowing where to place the false lashes and helps in making the gap not visible if you place it wrongly
  • Red lipstick brightens up your face instantly
  • Concealers must be a shade lighter than your actual shade for highlighting
  • Bronzer should not be used all over the face. It should be used on yourtzone area which is, nose, under the eye, chin and forehead.
  • Your brows should not appear to thick. Use a mascara wand to blend it in appropriately
  • Gold eyeshadow suits dark skin shades better than silver
  • Blend, blend, blend ensure your makeup is well blended.

Photo Credit – House of Tara