RIM here to stay: Opens Blackberry branded store in Lagos, and launches its Blackberry Academic program


RIM has shown its intention to increase its presence in Nigeria, expand and increase its commitment to Blackberry customers in Nigeria by opening the first official BlackBerry-branded retail store in Nigeria. RIM have also partnered with the Yaba College of Technology and introduced them to their Blackberry Academic program.

Robert Bose, Regional Manager Director for the Middle East and Africa. released this statement.“As the leading smartphone provider in Nigeria and in Africa overall, our customers are our number one priority, so we are very pleased to cement our physical presence with local staff, establish a new legal entity and work with local business partners to expand our retails and customer care across Nigeria.”

According to Bose: ”We also want to help maximize skills that bring technology into the government space, so we’ve been working very closely with government institutions including developer communities.

To mark their commitment here in Nigeria, Mr Waldi Wepener, Regional Director for East, West and Central Africa, said, “Around the world we support University students across over 700 academic institutions in over 113 countries in the Blackberry Academic Program. Today we are pleased to announce that Yaba College of Technology has become the first university in Nigeria to join the Blackberry Academic Program.”

The program will ensure that students and lecturers are provided with the right materials for the education on mobile application development.

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