African Internet Holding: Reinventing Your Experience in Nigeria


‘’Introducing African Internet Holding In Nigeria’’

The Experience you get online in Nigeria is not limited to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is more you can get online and that is what African Internet Holding is doing with the establishment of innovative Startups bringing us new and faster means of doing things better at your convenience. For example: Now, you can simply go online on ‘’  and look through their  food catalogs to place your order without driving to the restaurant and the food will be delivered to you in good time. You can also make money from your old items (mobile phones, a pair of shoe, gadgets etc) simply by selling it on Kaymu. All of these and many more are ways African Internet Holding in Nigeria are bringing new experiences to you online.

In this Post, I will be telling you about the different African Internet Holding in Nigeria asides Jumia which you already know about. You will learn more about these brands and how you can incorporate them in your day to day life to become more efficient and effective.

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[rad-hl]HelloFood[/rad-hl] is an Online Food gateway where you can order food from over 200 restaurants in Lagos and Abuja. The fun part in using HelloFood for me is that you have a variety  of food and restaurants to choose from (Continental, Nigerian Food, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, even your neighborhood buka Food). You don’t have to hassle about getting your food because it will be delivered to you at home or in the office. I use HelloFood often and have also gotten others in the habit of using HelloFood to order food just one click away.

[rad-hl]Kaymu[/rad-hl]: I first heard about Kaymu January this year and it was from me talking about different gadgets I have that I don’t use but are just occupying space and are still of good value. So a colleague suggested I should consider selling them on Kaymu, an ebay type website where you can sell used items and get good money for it without going to Computer Village. So I listed my brand new never used Sony Vaio digital photo frame and people started bidding for it. When the bid ended, I sold and got N15,000 cash back from selling my digital photo frame. Note: I have had the Sony Vaio since 2009. It is not only gadgets you can sell on Kaymu, you can also sell clothing and many more items. Vendors who have small stores can also list their products on the site and enjoy visibility to a lot of customers coming to the website.

[rad-hl]Carmudi[/rad-hl] is a one stop listing for cars in Nigeria. I know we all know Tokunbo cars and how you can buy them from dealers. Well Carmudi is offering you all that luxury online. You can easily list cars on Carmudi and get buyers hitting you up to buy. Also You save cost on buying Tokunbo cars from America. Visit Carmudi today and take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

[rad-hl]EasyTaxi[/rad-hl]: offers you a faster way of getting taxis in Lagos rather than walking out and pricing different ‘CabuCabu’ whenever you are going out. Like All other African Internet Holding Easy Taxi gives you taxis at your own convenience. All you have to do is to go online or even download the Easy Taxi App, select Your pick up point and destination. The app will calculate the distance and how much different cab companies will charge you. You will be allowed to pick one of the options and then you can place an order for a cab. The cab will pick you up from your house/office or anywhere you prefer. EasyTaxi is a fast option for anyone that wants to get anywhere in Nigeria.

[rad-hl]Jovago[/rad-hl] is an online platform with over 300 hotel listings. Customers can easily view hotel rate cards around Nigeria and book for hotels online at their own convenience.  On Jovago you can also save money on hotel bookings because they have the best deals for hotel rooms you can’t get anywhere else.

[rad-hl]Lamudi[/rad-hl] helps people to find their perfect home, land or commercial property. Lamudi provides consumers with many information about the estate and help them to get in contact with the agents.

I have more experience using all these platforms and I am sure you must be wondering how i got to try almost all the online platforms listed. It was spurred by my desire to get alternatives that make life easier for me and help me to be more effective. One thing i did not mention in the post is that all these ventures help you save a lot of money as well because there are always endless deals (On Lunch Meals, Hotel bookings, taxi fares, gadgets  and a lot more you don’t want to miss out on. Enjoy the experience and visit a African Internet Holding today:  HelloFood, Kaymu, EasyTaxi, Carmudi, Jovago & Lamudi.

This Article was Written By [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]