The Samba Groove Continues: Nigeria versus France


Today marks the first Monday a lot of people have ever looked forward to in their lives. This is for good reason, it is Nigeria versus France! One thing is clear, the whole nation will wake up today and say a silent prayer in support of one cause. For once in a very long time Nigeria has qualified for the round of 16  of the World Cup and also look like a team that can cause a couple of high profile upsets. If one of these upsets can be achieved today one can only imagine the type of nationwide celebrations that would occur, the type that maybe has not been seen since the climax of Atlanta 94.

nigeria france

Even in defeat the Super Eagles showed their true worth against the Argentines who to be fair only outdid Nigeria through two set pieces and a goal mouth scramble. By losing to the Argentines the Super Eagles qualified as the second runner up of Group F and the ecstatic celebrations were quickly followed by resigned resentment on realization that we had more of less set up a date with the French. The French have been described as free scoring in this tournament and their danger man Karim Benzema currently leads the player rating chart of the World Cup ahead of Robin Van Persie and Ardjen Robben. The giants of Africa however have won themselves a lot of fans for their attacking and fearless football so we can expect fireworks.


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