Samsung Galaxy S6: Things You Probably Didn’t Know


Hi guys, do you know how cool and astounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 is?

Well here are some fun facts about the “wonder phone” so sit back and relax while we amaze you with some cool inside tricks.
Fact 1– Instead of swiping the screen to unlock your phone, the Samsung S6 comes with a fingerprint sensor that allows you touch the screen to unlock it. So you don’t have to go through the stress of swiping to unlock. Maybe not so cool. But thank us later.

Fact 2 – Unlike previous versions, Multi Window is on by default on the GS6 and actually can’t be turned off. At any time, you can select two compatible apps to run on the screen at once and you can still resize the windows to whatever size you wish, and close one or both when you’re done. Oh wait! There’s more.

Fact 3 – Do you know that you can train S Voice to wake up to any phrase of your choice or just the standard “Hi Galaxy” one? And when it wakes up it can handle all basic commands, web searches and more without any physical interaction with the phone. Just say to it want you want.

Fact 4 – With the Samsung S6, you can now charge wirelessly! It has a built-in charging panel at the back. It will work with any wireless charging pad currently available, which is good because there isn’t one included in the pack. You won’t have to bother about looking for a USB cable to charge.

Fact 5 – They’ve ditched the plastic now the S6 is an all-metal and glass affair. A curved metal band surrounds the edges of the phone holding together a glass front and back. Giving it a sleek and classy look.

I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. It is an amazing phone with cutting-edge technology to back it up.