Shop From The Abroad And Pay in Naira Because Global is The New Next Door!


Do you know about Jumia Global? Have you used it before? Okay, here is a little explanation. On Jumia, you can now purchase products straight from overseas the same way you buy online. Select, checkout and expect your doorstep delivery.

Maybe you’ve been reluctant to shop from overseas because of currency barriers. It’s fine. You don’t even need an FX-enabled card. You get to pay in naira and not have to bother about crazy exchange rates.

On Jumia Global, you have access to quality foreign products at the best prices available.

So how do you shop Jumia Global? Simple! Visit and enjoy the deals.

Additional tip: To filter out Shipped From Overseas items,  when you are browsing through a category, scroll down to the bottom right corner and check this box.

Jumia Global

Look out for products with this sticker when shopping.

Jumia Global