Shop and Save: 50% off Fever London Brand as low as N3,000


Hello Ladies TGIF,

What do you remember about the 80’s and 90’s? Am guessing we all have the same thoughts in mind. The very crazy and unique fashion styles we now call retro.

Before I get into my Fashion trend gist, I came bearing Great News. The weekend is finally here and it feels like it was never coming. Anyways back to my Great News, Jumia came up with an idea to do One  [rad-hl]Big sell- off crazy[/rad-hl] deal on One Huge Fashion Brand Just for people like You and Me. They know us well lol

For One day we get to shop[rad-hl]‘Fever London’[/rad-hl] the big High Street UK brand with 50% off. As if that is not too much, you can get dresses as low as [rad-hl]N3000[/rad-hl] and Tops even cheaper. [rad-hl]Fever London[/rad-hl] is not a small brand as it is tailored to those who love fashion again (You and me). [rad-hl]Fever London’s collections[/rad-hl] are inspired by vintage designs so colorful making them timeless.

This [rad-hl]Massive sale[/rad-hl] is only from 10am – 5pm today with the new arrival from [rad-hl]Fever London’s new collection[/rad-hl] I already bought two hot dresses for Special Outings like Weddings and a Date Night… I will be picking out my favorites from the new collection and helping you select what you can wear for different occasions with amazing [rad-hl]50% Sale off[/rad-hl] Fever London Brand Clothing.

Ladies here is the catch If you are planning on going out for all those Lagos/Nigerian owambe weddings next month this will be a fun, guilt-free experience that will get you excited about shopping online because of the massive discount of [rad-hl]50% off[/rad-hl].  They come in all sizes from size 6 to 16 and they range from [rad-hl]casual tops[/rad-hl],[rad-hl]dresses[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]skirts[/rad-hl],[rad-hl]trousers[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]shorts[/rad-hl] and [rad-hl]mini jackets[/rad-hl].

Kelly Rowland in a long silk [rad-hl]vintage maxi dress[/rad-hl] totally rocking the retro looking with hair and accessories. [rad-hl]Shop Fever London  [/rad-hl] get 50% off the [rad-hl]Maxi Look for N5,600[/rad-hl]



This [rad-hl]Fever london jeans[/rad-hl] i have been eyeing since the jumia Sleek Fashion show. The models rocked them well in their casual looks as seen in the picture above. With 30% discount off this [rad-hl]skinny leg jeans[/rad-hl] you can get it now for [rad-hl]N7,000[/rad-hl].


The Huge discount on [rad-hl]Fever London Brand[/rad-hl] will get you different vintage looks from Work Casual with [rad-hl]Straight pencil Colored Pants[/rad-hl] to go on a regular work smart Shirt with 50% off you can own this [rad-hl]Work trouser[/rad-hl] for [rad-hl]N4,500[/rad-hl] Only. Remember Vintage is about the colours and being simple Shop [rad-hl] Fever London[/rad-hl] for the [rad-hl]Party Smart Vintage Pocket dress[/rad-hl] for Nights out, Weddings and other special occasions it can be yours for only [rad-hl]N4,500[/rad-hl] with the [rad-hl]50% Discount off[/rad-hl] the Retro Look.

For Beach outings and pool side trips go for the [rad-hl]Fever London[/rad-hl] Casual Selection with 50% off the [rad-hl]Location pattern shorts[/rad-hl]. Buy now for only [rad-hl]N3,500[/rad-hl] . It goes well with tan tops and regular Tops… The Casual but classic look. Finally my favourite [rad-hl]Red work Smart skirt[/rad-hl]. I have a thing for Pencil skirts because they always fit and this [rad-hl]Hot red midi skirt[/rad-hl] is only [rad-hl]N3,150[/rad-hl]with the 50% Discount… Its a must rush and get your size before they sell out.

Don’t Forget [rad-hl]Fever London Styles[/rad-hl] are timeless get them at the best prices with up to 50% discount on the Vintage Inspired Clothing as low as [rad-hl]N3,000[/rad-hl].